Sending Packages in 2021

We all have had to really work on a new model for life as the year has changed.  It is more complicated to go shopping in person and that is why eCommerce has really changed the whole game for the United States.  The times are getting a little crazy as retail stores have had to change.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has systematically altered the American Economy and many stores are having to adapt quickly.  Lots of stores have gone from open storefronts to only being allowed to operate as e-commerce companies.  What the unforeseen effects have been is that now every item is being shipped instead of having a customer pick it up in the store.  This is creating lots of extra costs in many different areas.  

Many companies are really learning to flex and become more online-focused.  This is not the easiest transition though and truly the unforeseen cost in all of this is time.  Changing a company from a brick and mortar store to an e-commerce business takes lots of time.  Now entire departments have to be created or changed in order to actually ship out orders. There now is no longer a cash register but a computer telling you to gather up an individual’s order.  This could be lots of products from all around a store.  There now has to be essentially a new position of shopper created to gather all the orders. This takes time away from current employees doing their normal jobs because the orders have to actually be gathered and then moved into a new shipping area. 

It is also true that you can help survive in this new time by being wise and learning to cut costs anywhere possible.  One area that many stores did not quantity in their change to becoming e-commerce retailers is the cost of shipping supplies.  Products that were once going to be sold directly on-off the store shelf and put into a bag are having to be packaged into shipping bags or boxes. Each and every box or bag now comes with separate costs.  The retail stores purchase the shipping back or box.  Some products require extra cost due to their weight.  Some heavy-duty boxes cost between10and 200 dollars just for the box.  Then each package must then be sealed.  The costs go up because many different types of tapes have to be used.  Before they can be sealed some products are fragile and have to be packaged with extra materials.  So stores must now purchase packing peanuts or air bubble products, and in some cases massive amounts of paper to make sure products won’t shift during shipping.  

Now don’t get caught up in other people’s issues.  See their failings as an opportunity to jump into the market with full force and heart.  The shipping supplies stores are having trouble keeping up with demand.  Amazon just hired 100,000 workers in order to keep up with demand and now prominent packaging stores are struggling to create enough boxes and packages themselves to ship to all these new e-commerce retailers. So take into account that there will be extra time for supplies to reach you. Try to keep up with the correct quantity of orders coming in and purchase ahead of time. And know that you are in the best possible place and that is supplying where others stores are simply failing.