Holiday Packing Supplies that help

This is my favorite time of year.  The winter is here and the holidays bring about the best of times for most people in the United States.  This is also the time that you stock up on office supplies, many of those including stuff you can use to ship items, and then the supplies sit there unused for years. You forget about them, much like other home essentials that have been untouched for ages and they continue to sit there.  But really this is a time to take an account of all the things that matter. If you’re going to spend the money on supplies, you surely meant to use them at some point, right? It is wise to make the most out of what you have and where you are going to be getting them from so you don’t waste hard-earned cash.

In 2020 this is the time to get your eCommerce supplies in gear and spending too much is simply not an option.  Well, we all have good intentions for most of our purchases. Shipping supplies are no different. Life just gets in the way. But luckily, there are ways to make use of those supplies you once intended to use, and you can have fun using them this holiday season, too. It may take a tad bit of work on your end, but it almost always guarantees to make someone else (and yourself!) happy around this time of year.

Don’t forget to be thoughtful.  When life gets in the way of your household and items you don’t use, it also tends to impede close friendships. People move away. You fall out of touch. What better way to rekindle a friendship than to randomly send a small bauble or a book as a gift to an old-time friend of yours? Pack it in a box, tape it up, wrap it, label it, and ship it out. They’ll be surprised and see that you cared enough to think of them.

Keep in touch with your family.  Whether you choose to send one of these to your elder family members that you can’t always visit, family friends, coworkers, or someone you know who’s away at college, family Christmas letters are nice little surprises for people that may not always be able to keep up with your life. These also show you care when you send them to someone close, and it’s a great way to show off the family and home!

Take the extra gear and have some fun with it.  Use your scissors, tape, twine, and packing paper this year to spice up your decorations, whether you’re wrapping “fake” gifts as decorations with packing paper or using twine as draping on your trees.

And for the decorations that don’t make it up this year, think about using some of your cardboard boxes and packaging tape to store what you don’t use. You can simply box up the clutter and store it in the attic, basement, or a closet, especially since it’s tough to throw certain things away.  There you have it. Three simple ways to repurpose the shipping supplies you once bought but never got around to using. Whether you’re making an old friend’s day, touching base with a distant family member, or decorating your home, you can be sure to get some use out of these common items that you’ve neglected for too long. Just remember to have fun!