Sell More Pay Less on Packaging

This year is super exciting for the business world.  It is truly fun to see so many new companies taking over the eCommerce world and learning how to sell online.  It is a huge part of the economy now and is becoming necessary for so many who may be susceptible to COVID-19.  That mostly applies to the elderly, but being able to have most items in the whole world delivered to your door and not having to go out is not only life-changing but maybe life-saving as well.  What we have seen in our company is that all the companies we work with are changing how they are doing work.  We are seeing tons of companies selling more online and learning how to send items to their buyers in the wisest of ways.  But we are also seeing a lot of failure in this whole area as well.  It is sad to see the failures of these companies and some of them are simply because they are buying shipping supplies at the wrong location and for the wrong price. 

What we are seeing is that many companies and business owners are so stressed and busy that they are not looking for the best deal on shipping supplies and are brushing off the missed savings as a necessary thing.  But I have to remind people that if your entire company is based around sending items to people then each box, bag, and every single sell could be losing you tons of money if you are not shopping for them wisely.  That is a huge thing to think about and it is so many times overlooked.  What we see most often is that the owner is moving from a brick and mortar company to an online selling business.

The online business is generally something they have done a little bit before but never full time.  So they have purchased their boxes and bags at a higher price from a local vendor and just keep buying them.  What they are not doing is shopping around for the best prices.  They are not looking for bulk deals or going to the source of the box makers or bag creators.  Instead, they are paying an upcharge amount because they are not willing to spend a little bit of time shopping for an actual deal.

I also see these newer business owners buying from Amazon for all of their products.  This is bad because they are instantly being charged 10% more for buying off a platform that charges the seller 10% per sale at a minimum.  This is so unwise to do in the long run because you are losing at least that amount on each sale.   The truth is that the major online packaging companies are willing to send you all the gear and supplies you need for 20-30% less than you are generally paying at the other location.

But they are also missing out on the advice they are not getting from buying from a company that simply does not have a chat or even a phone line.  If you go to a packaging company online you can at least get good advice on the packaging you need. I have found my company has saved 35% by making this choice and I hope you are able to do the same.