Starting a business and the supplies we needed.

This year has been a crazy year. The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought on many changes in our lives.  For my family, my wife and I now work at home.  This means we have more time for our selves and it also means that we are working on our life the way we want it.  By working at home we have seen that we like to be independent and work on our own lives.  What this really led to was the fact that we wanted to start our own company.  Products and supplies started to run through our heads and we knew we were going to need a lot of capital to purchase all the items we need to start this new venture.  The fact was that we were going to start an eCommerce company and that shipping was going to be key.  There are so many items that we needed it was actually a little staggering at first. But I think we found a good way to go about purchasing all the Shipping Supplies we would need.

We knew that we were going to need lots of items for our company.  Not only was this going to be many online items and paperwork but mostly things to move product. This meant we had to find the right place to purchase boxes and bags for each of the items.  We also had to then work on what to keep our products safe and secure with.  So we needed to find lining for each of these products and they find the best way to seal them while looking cool.  Tape was going to be a big expenditure and we didn’t want to pay full retail prices.  Our search began working on locating each of these items at the best location and price.

Location really mattered to us because we have both been in business for many years and understand that rush items and ordeals happen and matter.  We wanted a place that could replace an item within the same day or preferably an hour.  So if we ran out of boxes, tape, or bags we could go and pick up one that worked with our brand.  This led us to first going to the big box stores right next to our home.  We looked and priced out all the items and tried to find bulk discounts.  If you are shipping 100 items in the same box each day you want to be able to get a bulk discount for 1000 boxes.  Unfortunately, the discounts were not there and the quantity we needed in almost every item except tape was not at the stores.

This led us to search online.  Of course, we went to Amazon to price it all out and found slightly more discounted products.  Not all the deals were prime shipping though. So we would have to order extra due to the week long expected shipping dates.  This meant we would have to purchase more but not at much of a discount and this was a bit of a letdown.  We still continued our online searching. We found that shipping supplies were best to be purchased from the maker of the products.  These companies gave bulk discounts and even advice on which products were better because we called in to order.  This was the answer and it was worth buying a larger quantity to cover the lack of convenience because the price was about half.  So just a heads up, shop around before you buy.