Variety Of Candy Packaging

There is a wide variety of packaging that holds the most delicious candies that we love to enjoy. Here are a few different types of packages that hold candy and other kinds of treats.

Hanging Bags

Hanging bags are often seen in grocery stores and many other retail locations. These are a type of bag that is made of plastic and is sealed on both ends of the bag and may have seams in the middle.

The bags also have a hole that allows them to be hung on hooks so that they can be displayed on any rack. Hanging bags can hold multiple types of pre-packaged candies which will keep the candy nice and fresh when they are purchased to the consumer.

Pillow Bags and Pouches

Pillow bags and pouches are also a common type of candy packaging that is used to hold pre-wrapped candies in multiple bundles so that you can have more than one piece of candy. The bags have their name since they so much like a pillow and are usually found being laid flat on the shelves of the store and are known to hold small chocolate bars and individually wrapped gummy candy.

Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted poly bags are known for their flat bottoms because the pleat is pressed and becomes flattened. The bag allows for more space and keeps the shape of the box and can be heat sealed, tied, stapled, or taped shut. The poly bags are perfect for people to get more candy in one bag and these bags are more likely to be seen at pick-n-mix stations where people can get a bag full of various candies.

Reclosable Zipper Bags and Pouches

Reclosable zipper bags and pouches are highly useful because it allows the candy to stay fresh for a long period of time and allows anyone to enjoy them. The zipper allows the customers to close the bags and portion out their amount of candy and have it on the go.

Candy Trays

Candy trays are often bought in bulk and multiple sizes or can be bought custom-made in different shapes. The plastic trays are found inside of deluxe boxes and gift boxes that can hold candy individually. Candy trays are very popular when wanting to create a clean appearance.

Twist Ties or Heat Sealers

The poly bags that hold your candy and need to be tied up or sealed so that the candy doesn’t fall out and that’s where twist ties and heat sealers come in. Twist ties are a cheap options in order to close your bag. If you have candy that will sit on the shelf for a long time then it would be best to use heat sealers. They make the bag durable and airtight and helps preserve the freshness of your candy and it can sit out for a longer time.

Flexible Pouches

Flexible pouches are great for holding your pieces of candies and many other treats. Some pouches can be closed with a zipper seal. These pouches offer great printing capabilities so that you can add attractive candy branding on the pouch.

Foil Wrappers

Foil wrappers are also known as a common way to keep the freshness and original taste of the candy. The wrappers are often wrapped around different chocolates and other types of delicious sweets.

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are usually used by retailers in order to create a beautiful presentation for the customers. Gift boxes come in different colors and shapes and can even be customized with different label applications. Although gift boxes are nice, they do not have an air-tight seal, so it would be beneficial to use small poly bags in order to preserve the candy.

Deluxe Two-Piece Boxes

Deluxe boxes are more heavy-duty and are used to store chocolates in a beautiful display for certain occasions. The design of this two-piece box makes if fun for the customer to open and give off a nice and clean look on the inside of the box. The boxes are often used with the candy trays in order to separate all of the treats and make the appearance even better.