When was the last time Tape saved you?

The older I get the more useful I am finding all the random things in my garage to be.  I remember my dad having so many what seemed like useless tools or rolls of things in the garage growing up and now I am starting to see how useful all of those crazy things were. Owning a home has changed my perspective on many things and one of those is the amounts of tape that are needed to keep a home in running order.  So these simple kinds of shipping supplies that kind are found at your average grocery or hardware store and I think most people who own a home need them.

The most important tape to have on hand in my opinion is actually going to be packing tape.  This is literally a tape used for shipping supplies, but I find it being super useful in the home. I like this tape because it is clear and is very strong.  Packing tape has been used for corrugated boxes for a very long time and holds lots of weight.  This makes it versatile to me and I find myself going for his tape the most.  I really think everyone should have a few rolls on hand just because you never know what you will need it for.

The next one I am going to talk about is the classic tape that everyone talks about.  That is duct tape.  This tape is very old and people have always associated it with the idea that it was created for taping ducts.  But the original reason duct tape was created was actually war.  This tape was created for World War II and was used to seal ammo cans from the elements.  They found that not only was it very waterproof, but very durable and that it actually stuck and patched lots of things. 

It became legendary in the Army and soldiers ended up bringing it home with them and it transitioned into a tape that was then turned from green to grey and used for ducts.  It is super useful for home and work.  I have foundmyself taping a paintbrush to an extended pole just to be able to paint at a very high location at home. The tape not only held the brush in place, but allowed me to put lots of pressure on it to paint super high areas on my house and it help like I had put a nail in it. So get yourself some tape and go and live life at home happier!