Getting Rid of Shipping Boxes

Really I am not sure how your life has been over the last few months, but for 7 weeks my state has been on a stay at home lockdown.  The stay at home order was put in place due to covid-19.  This virus has fundamentally changed the way I have lived and worked for the last 7 weeks of my life. 

What has really been a big difference is the extra amount of orders I have done online.  This is because we are only supposed to travel for essential items or for emergencies.  So I have been placing lots of online orders for the things I need around the house.  Some of those items have come in massive boxes and I am only allowed to get rid of so much trash each week.  So I am going to go over a good way to break them down and get rid of all the extra shipping boxes you may not need around the house.

The first step is to find a good way to get rid of all the cardboard.  I found that for me since I do not have recycling the answer was going to be to go out with my normal weekly trash.  For me it only comes once a week to be collected and I only have a few extra bag loads that I can use beyond my normal amount of trash.  Since I don’t have a way of recycling the boxes I am now forced to get rid of them through the normal trash.  So my way of eliminating the 3 foot by 6 foot pile in my garage will be with a trash bag.

Now I suggest if you can, get heavy duty 55 gallon trash bags because anything else and it will tear.  I have many that I have picked up in a giant box at Costco so I was well prepared for box destruction.  Next I gathered up all the boxes and began to deconstruct them.  I pulled out a fixed blade knife with a comfortable handle and started to cut the tape holding them all together.  From there I cut the boxes into a size that would fit in the 55 gallon bag.  Then you fold it flat and try to fit as much in each bag as possible.  It does take a while and I suggest gloves. Not only use gloves because of the knife, but because cardboard can cause large paper cuts that border real cuts very easily on human skin.  So stay safe, pack well, and get those bags filled with shipping boxes to the trash.