How to Ship a Knife Properly

If you had asked me if I would ever have an interest in knives five years ago I would have laughed and thought you were really weird.  But alas, times have changed.  I found myself enjoying the outdoors more and thanks to my father gifting me a knife I thought was crazy at the time I have thrive outside.  Now I regularly hunt and backpack and have found it very rewarding.  I have also found myself making lots of money buying and selling knives on the second hand market.  It is a passion that has been driven by adventure and profit over the last several years.  I have also ran into some interesting experiences when sending knives in the mail.

It is indeed imperative that you use the proper shipping supplies when mailing important gear and specifically knives.  One might think that it’s ok to send them like any other item, in the box and it will simply be fine.  After all these tools are made of steel and handle materials that are meant to withstand impacts.  The issue is that they are meant to withstand impacts only in certain ways.  So if the box gets dropped on the truck or thrown around in the factory and the knife shifts it can damage it.  I have had several knives come to be with broken tips.  This is a failure on the packer of the box and a lack of proper shipping supplies used.

So what are some of the most important steps.  The first is to ship the knife and sheath wrapped separately.  This can be done by taking the blade and wrapping it in a cardboard sleeve.  Most people will not have one so it can be made by cutting another box and wrapping the blade with the cardboard.  Then you tape it closed. Fold it over the blade and apply lots of tape to it won’t cut anything. Also add another piece of cardboard to the end so the point has a place to land if the box is dropped.  Then place the knife in the proper shipping box and add a small piece of wood to the end where the point is. 

This gives a second layer of protection.  Since wood is soft yet hard enough to stop the blade, if the box is dropped the tip will go into the wood and not through the box and onto the ground.  This lessens the impact and keeps the tip from being broken in shipping.  Those are the most important parts of shipping a knife.