Mailing Art

A great way to spruce up your house is adding art to your home. Any kind of art, really. Some people choose to keep it simple and just display a few pictures of their family. Some people go all out and spend thousands of dollars on expensive art pieces that were once hanging in galleries. And then there are the people in between who want to do something more creative in their homes, but don’t really think spending thousands of dollars for a few pieces of art in their home is really worth it. Where does that leave them?

One happy medium between the two is buying local art. There are so many talented artists right in our own communities who can either be commissioned for a piece, or clients can simply choose between their favorite pieces the artist has created. When you are buying art the one thing you want to make sure is that it arrives safely and without any scratches or marks. Certain shipping supplies can prevent damage to your precious pieces.

Specifically, mailing art is a very popular way for local artists to quickly sell their products. In these cases mailing tubes are the best option for pieces on paper, poster, or parchment. Mailing tubes can be ordered in many different sizes to fit the piece exactly. The tubes can be longer, or shorter depending on what is needed. Some tubes are skinnier, while others are wider. Many different types of projects can be sealed inside these tubes. These shipping supplies make it so easy to mail pieces of art without the fear of the paper or poster being ripped or teared.

While being rolled for the tube, the artists will be careful not to crease the paper. Folding the paper will obviously leave creases and possibly ruin the design. But rolling the paper will not create creases. When the client receives their poster they can simply lay it out and maybe put a few books on each end to prevent the poster from rolling back into itself.

Mailing tubes are also great because artists can order many different colors for their tubes. They can use a color that matches their brand or just whatever they think fits their style! Some artists even opt for white or brown tubes so they can draw their own designs right on the tube. Then the client will have two pieces of art! But seriously. Consider supporting local and purchasing art from an actual person, not a company. They can mail your art directly to you!