Staying On Task

As the charm of the new year has started to wear off a lot of people are looking at themselves and realizing they are no longer working on their new year goals or resolutions. It’s almost April, but there is still many months left to get back on track. People assume if they did not achieve their goals by now then it is probably a lost cause. They will wait until next year to make the same goals all over again and fail at them, once again. So, how can you turn it around right now? How can you motivate yourself to get stuff done?

First things first, have you tried writing a list? It has been proven that people who write what they want to get done down are way more likely to actually do it. Maybe you did write your goals down! Okay, so where? In a journal in your bedside table that you haven’t opened since January. Or maybe you wrote it down in your notes app in your phone. That’s probably so far buried by now… Some people opt to keep a list on their desk at work. Okay! That’s more like it. A place where you can look at the list every single day. But, it looks like you spilled some coffee or some leftovers on it one day. Maybe the gross document is still there, or maybe it has made its way to the trash by now. We’ve established that you need to write it down. It needs to be visible. And it needs to stay clean.

My best advice would be to buy a few job ticket holders from a place that sells shipping supplies  to put around your office and home. These things are seriously great. You can put any document inside of them and the document essentially becomes waterproof! There is even a little hole at the top to tack it to your wall. Or use a magnet to hang it on your fridge. The front is clear so you can always see your document.

The more you see your goals, the more likely you are to work on them! You can even use dry erase markers to mark up your document. You can write notes to yourself or cross things off as you achieve them! Who knew there would be such great use for random shipping supplies! I wonder what else I could use for my everyday life.