Still Shipping?

Given the current climate of the United States, many Americans are nervous about their packaging and what will be happening with their orders. With any pandemic, there are going to have to be sacrifices. Some people will have to temporarily leave their jobs. Some even will be asked to stay inside for weeks on end in order to contain the virus. So the question on a lot of our minds is, will I still get my package?

For now and probably indefinitely, shipping is labeled an essential activity. It is understood that people need to receive their packages. Many people are ordering food and necessary medical supplies from companies all across the U.S. These are the people who cannot leave their homes to go pick these essential items up from their store. Shipping could be the only means for a person to get the supplies they truly need. So, shipping companies will stay open for the good of all people.

People should also not fear their packages and worry about where they are coming from. Some people are assuming their goods from highly infected areas must mean that their boxes will also be infected. The way the virus is acting right now, this simply is not true. The virus cannot stay active for more than 30 minutes on a hard surface.

Think about how long the box would take to ship to you. The people who should worry a little about the virus are the people who are handling the shipping boxes. If you are still worried about it then you can let your box sit on your doorstep for thirty minutes before opening your door and unboxing your package. Make sure you have wipes and hand sanitizer available at all times. Even better, wash your hands with soap and water multiple times a day.

A lot is going to change in the world in the next few weeks. More and more updates are released by the hour at this point. We should not be afraid, though, of shipping boxes not being delivered. There are companies dedicated to making sure the boxes are made, packaged, and then shipped to the consumer. We understand most of these packages will be containing essential items in order for the consumer to survive. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep these operations running smoothly and quickly. If you are able to, please stay home during this time. Enjoy your deliveries!