Quality of Box Matters

If you’re a golf club dealer, or any dealer, you need to have a good idea of what the going rate is for specific clubs, accessories, and equipment. This value can be drastically different depending on whether or not the club is new or used. The truth is, if you’re wanting to move large amounts of clubs, you have got to price them to sell. If you’re not going to price them to sell, you’re wasting your time in the first place. It makes me so frustrated to see others that are in the same business as me set prices on items that will never ever go. I had one guy set the price on a putter headcover for $140.

The putter headcover is a limited edition, which gives it some value. But, the item was listed as “used”. Anyone in the world can go online and buy the same exact headcover brand new for $75. So, why in the world a guy would think he’s going to get $140 for the same item that is used is absolutely beyond me.

This drives me crazy. But, at least the guy was charging $0 for shipping. He has a better chance of selling the shipping supplies (i.e., boxes) he ships his items in for 100 times what they’re worth than he does selling this particular putter headcover for $140.

I, on the other hand, price items to sell and sell fast. I want people to feel like they got a great deal so that they will keep coming back for more. Another way I keep them coming back is by using the very best boxes that are out there. I want my items to be safe, secure, and end up in the buyers hands with no damages. That’s why I spend a little more on the cardboard boxes I buy.

There’s actually a huge difference between high and low quality shipping supplies. The low quality boxes come as if they were already used. They are often tattered, the material is worn and soft, and they just don’t hold together very well. The high quality boxes are very crisp, they are stiff, and very compact. And they keep all of my products exactly how they were first listed online. That’s what the customer wants more than anything. They want what they see online to show up on their doorsteps exactly as is. Spending a little more money on higher quality boxes makes that possible.