A Healthy Subscription Box Service to Think About

In the past few years, I’ve begun narrowing down a lot of my expenses to become things that I need or can afford if I don’t need it. It’s really been helping my budgeting to be able to name exactly what it is I must have and what I don’t need. From there, things become pretty simple to avoid. It’s almost like an alcoholic making sure they’re not around alcohol in certain situations to not even tempt them. For some, they must ensure they’re not even in the position to spend money on things like video games by removing a card from the online gaming store and by not going near gaming sections in certain stores. Sounds simple enough, right?


Well, it is so long as you have the willpower to start off strong in whatever you’re doing. I’ve found that another healthier way of handling this sort of need to buy things is substituting something you were paying for with something you actually need.

For example, I’m a big fan of subscription boxes, much like a lot of others out there my age. It’s all the craze nowadays, and there’s a reason for that: getting something shipped to your door without having to go out and buy it is addicting. You do much less work to get the product and yet can get pretty much whatever you want from online marketplaces. And the shipping supplies are always enticing too, because those companies put so much work into making sure their customers return for more and more.

So I decided to invest in something like imperfect produce. Cooking is a huge part of my relationship with my partner, and we’re constantly running to the grocery all the time for a few onions here or some garlic and greens there. Instead, I decided it would be a good idea to pay a monthly subscription for imperfect produce. It serves three different purposes for us.

First off, we’re able to reroute money elsewhere spent on subscription boxes that we don’t need to something like this that we do need. It’s fueling an obsession in a healthy way. Secondly, it saves us trips to the store and gives us a constant stream of produce so that we’re getting all the nutrition we need and are forced to cook with it. Finally, it makes us stay in much more often and eat our own home-cooked meals instead of going out all the time and spending more than we need.

Who knew boxes with pretty shipping supplies within could be a healthy thing that supports a need in your life? Too often we’re swept up by all the enticing things out there that we “want” but don’t actually “need.” It’s good to find a healthy substitute!