Changing Up the Grocery Game

With a new year comes new habits, new resolutions, and new lifestyle changes. Well, I sure hope that all of those things happen for everyone else, because new means change, and I have always seen change as one of the best things humans can undergo and take on.

It’s no surprise that all of the resolutions are coming out in full force this year. This is mostly because not only have we welcomed in a new year, but we’ve also welcomed in an entirely new decade. Considering decades don’t come around as awesome, you can imagine that everyone is hopping on the resolution bandwagon and setting out lofty goals to achieve in 2020.

One thing my partner and I have set out to do this year is to get much more vegetables and produce than we did last year. We just recently transitioned to a vegan lifestyle, and so plants and produce should abound in our home. The problem is, we’ve been a bit bad about making sure we have enough to eat and getting the right nutrition, so we’re taking a new approach to groceries this year.

And that’s through the imperfect produce companies out there. I’ve heard that you get so much produce on a weekly basis, almost to the point of not being able to keep up. And for the price they offer this imperfect produce at, it’s seemingly the best deal out there for helping to support a cause like eliminating food waste awhile also getting your own produce at an absolute steal.

So we’re bound to have shipping boxes on our front porch on a weekly basis now. This should also make grocery shopping much easier, as that will likely revolve around spices, one off products, frozen foods, and other essentials that are not related to our cooking. Joining in on one simple little plan with shipping boxes full of produce is going to change our grocery game in a huge way this year, and I think it’s going to keep us honest when it comes to sticking to a great nutritional program.

I encourage you to think about your own resolutions in a way that helps out your health more than any other aspect of your life. Second most important to health? Your financial life. These two things have the biggest influence on your lifestyle and what you are able to do, and they absolutely should be addressed when it comes to crafting goals for yourself for the rest of the year (or even decade!).