An Exception to Subscription Based Companies: Your Health

Since the last few years, I’ve become extremely interested in subscription based companies that send products straight to your doorstep for a recurring monthly fee. In practice, it’s one of the most genius ideas ever. As for “convenience”, that’s something too subjective for me to comment on. It’s up to you as a consumer to decide what is convenient for you and what isn’t worth it. For me, going to the store to get something is always cheaper, even if a little inconvenient.

Nonetheless, I’ve become a big fan of streaming services for media, since those actually do save you tons of money while also being readily accessible on demand, whenever you need it. Since it’s not a physical product, it’s something that makes more sense for me to be subscription based.

But one thing has gotten me quite interested in physical products, and it’s my overall health. I’d rather not contribute my money to big name grocery stores for my health products, especially since they don’t seem to sell a lot of the vegan items I look for whenever I’m out shopping to renew my conditioner, body soap, and even toothpaste.

That’s why I’m also interested in going to a subscription based toothbrush company. It seems to be far more sustainable and less plastic is used, all for roughly the same price (or just a little more). I don’t normally buy into these companies when sending shipping boxes to my home, but for my health I think I can make an exception.

And what makes these so successful is the perceived value involved. When you get a new electric toothbrush with refillable heads every three months, it seems incredible that you paid the price you did for such a thing when quality electric toothbrushes can cost upwards of $50 to $100.

Just as well, the convenience of not having to remind yourself to buy new toothbrushes every three months is pretty huge. I’ve always been bad about changing out toothbrushes whether I’m sick or the bristles have become bad.

So, just like any subscription-based product, toothbrushes are taking off and doing extremely well in American culture. People love to have money withdrawn from their account for them so that they don’t have to actively make a purchase or go out to get something if the shipping boxes can be delivered to their door. And to be honest, you can’t blame consumers who do this, since the vast majority have subscribed to something similar in this age.