4 Essential Items for Shipping Packages

When you need to ship something off, whether it’s a returned item, a gift to a family member during the holidays, or something that is pressing and needs urgently sent, you want to have the bare essentials for getting your package there. While going to a delivery store solves a lot of those needs, they will always be more expensive to rely on for materials than having everything ready on your own.

Next time you’re at your local office supplies store, consider picking up these shipping supplies to ensure you’re ready for your next impromptu (or planned) item to be sent.

Packaging tape.

Also called packing tape or shipping tape, this is essential in making sure your box is properly sealed and won’t come open in transit. Packing tape is made to hold cardboard flaps tightly together, and it’s an all-purpose, easy-to-use item for other projects or things around the house when needed.

Packing paper and bubble wrap.

Having both may seem overkill, so having at least one of the two helps to keep your item secure and protected from the jostling around that happens when being shipped. Packing peanuts also fall into this category, but that seems like extra if you at least have packing paper to fill the empty spaces within your box.

Black marker.

Sharpies are great for labeling on cardboard. Not only does this handy marker serve as useful around the house very often, it’s perfect for writing addresses on cardboard if you don’t have prepared labels. The post office is especially fond of these packages, as slapping on postage is all that’s needed beyond your already-written address.

Shipping boxes.

Shipping boxes serve as the container itself. While you can have this done for you wherever you’ve having your package shipped, buying a few different sized boxes to have at your house is a good idea in case you need something in a hurry or you just want to save money. You’ll likely also have some of these sitting around from previous packages that have been sent to you, so using these is even cheaper (i.e., free!).

No matter how few packages you think you’ll send in the future, you’ll want each of these shipping supplies to at least be prepared for when the time comes. And as I’ve mentioned for almost every one of these things, they have household use outside of shipping packages, to boot. You just can’t go wrong with having these essentials at the ready.