How to Maximize Your Storage During the Holidays

When I think of Christmas, I think of my mom pulling out the decorations from under the staircase just before Thanksgiving would come around. Her storage typically consisted of big, long cardboard boxes containing her 7-or-so synthetic Christmas trees. Of course, there were other containers and boxes of ornaments, decorations, and wreaths—but Christmas, to me, felt like a house with long brown boxes strewn about. I even recall it being hard to walk around the house simply because everything was so crowded and out in the walkways. Nothing embodied the Christmas spirit better than getting ready for the season with decorations and the house undergoing a lot of change.

As I got to thinking about other storage purposes in which cardboard boxes could be used, seasonal decorations came to mind. Here’s a list of things you could possibly use them for:

  • From fake pumpkins with cords to synthetic spider webs and sheets, Halloween usually inspires people to put up decorations that surround the house (inside or out). Lights, children’s costumes, and various other fall decorations can be stored away easily in boxes.
  • As already mentioned, almost everyone seems to have a fake tree in a big box, whether it’s the one that the tree came in or otherwise. Ornaments, wreaths, stringed lights, and other baubles need put away for that one month a year!
  • Now, while not a holiday that one typically thinks of for decorating, spring has many “things” that need stored away. Whether it’s baskets and multi-colored grass or egg-coloring kits, there’s enough that could be put away in a single box.
  • Fourth of July. Spare fireworks, an assortment of American flags, and other patriotic accessories can be put away until summertime. Whether you store them in your attic, the garage, the basement, or elsewhere, boxes—yet again—come in handy.
  • Back to school. We all know that the kids celebrate summer break and can put the backpacks, books, school supplies, and sports equipment away. But you don’t want all those things tossed around haphazardly. Having it in an easily accessible location allows you to keep everything organized and at the ready for when it all starts back up again.

So, if you’ve got a few spare boxes lying around the house, put them to use! Don’t even think about discarding them or burning them—you know there’s always a section of your house or season of the year that could use some organizing. Think seasonally! Any holiday can surely spark your imagination to consider putting things away neatly. What most people regard as fodder for fire or simply trash, you can use for tidiness.