Three Helpful Suggestions On Keeping Your Shipping Boxes Packed Tightly

There are a lot of memories involved with moving. Some memories you decide to take with you. Other memories you decide to leave behind. The main objective to make sure your belongings arrive safe and secure in your new place.

1)The Boxes You Use

The first thing you do is pick the right moving materials. Some people like to use used boxes to save money. I suggest using new boxes instead. Worn boxes break down easily. Your items are vulnerable right now. Do you want to make things worse?

Use old liquor boxes with the dividers only when you need to. Do not use them for the heavy items because that puts them at a far greater risk. You should use something to pad everything you pack. Old newspapers are a good idea. You can also use some bubble wrap. I suggest saving the bubble wrap you come across in your travels. You never know when you might need it.

What about the tape?

You do use masking tape. I found that out the hard way. The two-inch packing tape is a good choice. The adhesive tape might not stick as well. I used that once. The package opened a few seconds later. It comes down to the materials you use to pack. The right materials will ensure a safer trip.

2)The Size of the Box

Size does matter in this case. Did you ever receive a big package in the mail for such a small item? Learn from that. Take the item you are packing and pick a box somewhat larger. You are going to need the extra padding on the trip.

An Example

Pick a box. Place some bubble wrap on the bottom. Place the heaviest item you have on top of the wrap. Add a few more objects. Make sure you layer them heaviest to lightest. Add some bubble wrap on the top. Close the box.

The Weight

Your boxes should be no more than 30 pounds. You do not want the box to burst open or to weigh on the items.

3)Organize, Organize, Organize

You do not mix the rooms up. The labels help you and the movers to know where something goes. Keep bathroom items separate from the kitchen items. You can also use pillows and towels to cover things. It saves time and space. Not everything needs to be gift-wrapped.

One Final Note

Stack your heaviest boxes on the truck first. Place the lighter boxes on the top. You do not want risk seeing something lost or broken, do you? Stacking this way ensures a safe trip.


I hope this information helped. You can always Google more information later if you need to. Go to the site listed below for more information in sending packages to your final destination.