Become A Master At Shipping Your Client’s Gifts

It is very disappointing to get something in the mail and find that it is completely useless. When you are getting ready to ship a gift off to a client, you want to give them your best impression. You want to make sure they have a good impression of you overall, therefore make sure that their special gifts come in working order by properly packaging them.

The first thing, if you are thinking about reusing an old shipping box, always remember to remove the old tags on the box. Any tags on the old box could end up being miscanned and your client may never receive their gift, due to it being sent to the wrong address. It may even take weeks to be able to track the package down and to have it resent. Secondly, there are many major shipping companies who offer free boxes if you ship your packages through them and you simply pay a flat fee.

There are also many major shipping companies who you can order boxes and shipping materials online and then you can also request them to come pick up your packages, so it is extremely convenient. Third, when you are packaging your box, make sure you properly use the “H-Tape Method.” This method involves taping your package opening like an H shape, you tape along the seams of the box. Fourth, you want to make sure you are using strong packaging tape that is specially designed for packaging, not the cellophane or scotch tape. Your box could easily rip right open through the distribution process.

If you have a fragile gift, you may want to consider using multiple shipping boxes within a shipping box to allow for more support. You may also use bubble cushion and or newspapers to fill the box around the item, to avoid it being broken. You want to restrict any type of movement as much as possible. Now, if you are going to use crumpled newspaper to fill the box, you want to be careful because some newspapers have heavy ink that could bleed off onto your item.

If you are shipping cookies and or any type of baked goods, you want to make sure you use a disposable aluminum containers to protect these foods and then put that aluminum container in a shipping box, then make sure it is properly secured with newspaper and or bubble filling so that it can restrict movement. Make sure that you always include your business card to make sure that your package gets delivered. Sometimes labels get lost, so if the shipping company finds your card, they can still be able to make the delivery.

In the shipping industry, it is never guaranteed. Though, they definitely try their best to get your package to where it needs to go, you want to make sure that you check with the shipping companies to see what their schedule is for delivery and never assume, to prevent your package from arriving late. If you are shipping an item during a holiday season, you really want to make sure you check the shipping company’s holiday schedule to prevent any further delays. You also want to make sure that you take advantage of shipping tracking. You always want to have access to track your package. There are even many companies who offer the ability to have text messages sent right to your phone to track its every step. Lastly, expedited shipping is always something to consider, because you can get your package to your client within the next day or two if needed. Many companies offer overnight shipping as well, which you may want to consider when trying to please one of your clients