DIY Home Decor And Shipping Boxes Are So Easy To Make!

If you want a happy life full of mental clarity, and a zen way of looking at things, it’s imperative to keep clutter away as much as possible. No one can truly function at their highest potential with items tossed about your home, or office, so getting organized can often be the best decision you’ve ever made. Wouldn’t it be great to never waste time searching for things such as hair accessories, office supplies, or old photos?

Some feel that losing the clutter equates departing with precious memories, or making the room look stark, empty, or cold. This is definitely not the case, as now more than ever there are some stunning decorative boxes that you can place all over your home to make it mirror your style, and be in order. If you’re someone that needs to post a few items, there are some excellent options for shipping boxes as well!

The choices are endless as far as textures you can play with to really spice up your space organizationally speaking. Felt boxes are adorable for use in a child’s room, or to store your jewelry, or sewing goodies. You can even go all out with a do it yourself project using spray adhesives, fabrics of your choice, and stud embellishments. Think of the options you could personalize your space with by using your own crafting skills!

Some additional ideas if you need shipping boxes, or storage bins to have a certain upscale appearance, are to utilize a high gloss craft paint, or even spray paint, and some well placed painter’s tape. You can hot glue jewelry pieces on them that you can get at any local craft or hobby store, and truly dress up even the oldest bozes you may have had sitting away in an attic.

Not sure what types of boxes are ideal for transforming your house into a gorgeous, structured space? Easy! Most of the experts in the crafting world recommend using banker style boxes, shoe boxes, or old jewelry boxes from retailers. These options are generally thicker, and easier to paint, or stick accessories on. It’s also extremely affordable to go with the option of doing it yourself, rather than spending a tiny fortune on storage boxes that are already decorated. Some retailers are charging over twenty dollars per box, for something you can make at home with an old box you have lying around, and less than three dollars in items you’ve picked up at a hobby shop to design them.

Whether it’s shipping, or storage needs you currently have, no one sends or uses a plain box anymore in 2018. Step up your storage game with the latest trends in fashion home decor by using any free resources for ideas such as Pinterest, or Instagram to find exactly the look you’re trying to achieve. Once you’ve redone one room in your home or office with beautiful storage bins, you’ll want to redo your entire home! Get creative, use the boxes as the focal point in the room, and even match it up with a fresh coat of paint to really love your newly organized space!