7 Tips to Make Your Summer Move a Good Move

Summer is peak moving season. Of the 19 million people moving to new homes each year, 2.5 million will move during the summer. Here are tips that will help make your summer move a good one.

Tip #1: Move Early in the Morning

The best time of day to move is in the morning to avoid the sweltering heat of the summer day. You should schedule your move so that you are finishing up when the heat has reached its peak. Excessive physical activity in the heat can be dangerous and can result in a heat stroke.

Tip #2: Schedule Your Move Well in Advance

You should give yourself enough time to research the best and most reputable movers in your area. The most reputable movers schedule moves well in advance especially during the summer season. Some movers will offer a discount for early bookings.

Tip #3: Sell Unwanted Belongings

Selling your unwanted belongings can reduce the number of items packed and moved. You should hold a garage sale well before your scheduled move date to eliminate transferring junk to your new home. You can save money because you are moving less property. In addition, you will earn a couple of bucks that can be used to help finance your move.

Tip #4: Pack for Efficiency

Summer moves need to be as swift and organized as possible. You should start packing as soon as you know you’re moving date. Cheap moving boxes and packing supplies can be obtained at a discount to save you money. Label each box with the name of the room the movers should put the box in your new home. Using a sharpie, mark the labels so that the handwriting is clear and legible. How well you pack is an indication of how organized the move will be.

Tip #5: Close Utilities the Day after the Move 

Closing out your electricity and air conditioning should be scheduled the day after your move. Movers will be more efficient, safer, and effective when your home is cool and comfortable from proper air conditioning temperatures. The electricity and water should be on to help facilitate and use resources requiring electricity and water.

Tip #6: Pack a Cooler for Moving Day 

Stay cool. Stay hydrated. Stay well-fed. It is best to pack one or two large coolers that your family can access on moving day. Along with plenty of ice, the coolers should contain water bottles, snacks, and sandwiches. The coolers should contain everything you need to drink and eat during the move. Don’t forget to buy extra water to offer your movers to help keep them hydrated.

Tip #7: Dress Accordingly

Stay cool on a hot sweltering summer day by dressing in light loose-fitting clothes. Layer your look so that as the day and heat progresses, you can easily remove a layer. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to protect you from the sun.

Summer moves can be the most enjoyable moves you can make. The kids are out of school, you have scheduled vacation time off, movers have seasonal discounts and the weather is agreeable. If you follow the above tips, your summer move goes smoothly and will be less stressful.