Tips For An Easier And More Efficient Move

Most people hate moving and will bribe friends to get some help. There are tips to make the process a little easier and much less stressful. It is easy to find cheap moving boxes or get them for free online and at clothing or grocery stores. This is also the time to throw out or donate any possessions that will not be used.

Planning ahead includes cleaning out the refrigerator to prevent a mess. Taking pictures of electronics and the television’s back makes it easy to remember where all the cords plug in. This saves so much time. Garbage bags can be used to transport hanging clothes with a label to identify the owner.

Toiletries should be packed in a box for the first night as well as clothing, pajamas and anything needed for the following morning. This may include a coffee maker, hair dryer, silverware or dishes. Foam disposable plates are ideal for safely packing plates. Simply place one between each plate prior to packing them. Remember to pack some comfort food for the trip.

Plastic wrap will keep dresser drawers closed while the truck is moving and prevent items from falling out of their trays. The contents can remain right in the drawers. Get some wine cases from a grocery store, winery or bar. These are great for organizing glasses. Simply stuff them with newspaper for protection. Keep items from each room separated for easier unpacking. A basket or cheap moving boxes can be filled with packing supplies such as tape and scissors to make packing easier.

Jewelry is easily transported using egg cartons. Nothing will fall out once they are taped shut. Loose bracelets and necklaces will pack well in toilet paper rolls. Place one end through the roll then fasten the piece closed. The bolts and screws for any dismantled furniture must be kept organized. Labeled plastic bags make certain they are organized and it is apparent which pieces go where. Cutting triangular shaped holes on both sides of the heavy boxes will provide handles so they can be lifted much easier.

Seasonal items can be moved using plastic bins then simply placed in a basement or closet without the need to unpack. Soft items from the home make nice packaging materials. They can be used to pack other items efficiently and safely. This includes sheets, towels, socks and anything cushy or soft. Black and white labels are harder to distinguish when unpacking. Colorful labels can be color coded to keep track of the boxes easier.

People go in and out of the door to their home a lot when loading the van or truck with boxes. Wrapping a rubber band around the doorknob and stretching it around to the other knob is a good way to keep the door open. This will also prevent the door from closing accidently. This means if the door is not unlocked everyone will still be able to get back inside.

All liquids such as dish washing liquid and cleaning supplies should be kept separate from everything else in plastic bins. Even if something should spill or fall it will not soak through anything else. There are visual guides available online for packing a moving vehicle. It is important to note this advice may differ for a truck or a van.