Moving and What to Do With All Those Boxes

The big day has come. You and your family are moving! It is a welcome change after spending the last year living in a house where the roof leaked and the neighbors kept you up half the night with their incessant parties. Now comes the biggest and probably most dreaded task of moving: packing. We’ll start with the very basic task of packing items by the room they belong to. When you get to your new house, you won’t want to be shuffling through shipping boxes, having to open them, and trying to see which item belongs in each room.

That will take an unnecessary amount of time and energy and moving is tiring enough. To prevent this problem, pack items into a box specified specifically for the room it belong to. For example, pack the kitchen items with only the kitchen items, the bathroom items with the bathroom items, and so on and so forth. When you get to your new house, this will make unpacking much more simple.

The next step you will want to take when packing is remembering to label your boxes! It sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this or just plain blow it off because they think it is unnecessary in general. It is a very important part of the moving process. Remember, there doesn’t have to be a whole paragraph written on the side of your moving box for you to be able to know what it contains. Label your boxes with simple one word descriptions such as “Bedroom” or “Kitchen”. Add a number to it if there are multiple numbers of boxes for one room. You can even color-code your labels if you feel like it. However, any amount of labeling your moving boxes will greatly alleviate any stress that comes when unpacking your things.

There are people that don’t put too much thought into packing their things when it comes time to move. There are also the hugely compulsive people that need to have an organization process or they will feel like they’re not doing their job of moving properly. For those people, there are inventory lists. These lists track each and every item back to a specific moving box. While not necessary for everybody, some people just like the feeling of knowing each one of their personal belongings is accounted for. Also they know if they need to find something, they can get to it rather quickly.

When you are moving, it is essential that you put aside and label your most valuable items. These are the items you want to have with you the first day you move in such as any medication or your television set to hook up in your living room. You can label these boxes as “Day 1 Box” or “Need As Soon As Possible”. If you have movers moving your boxes, they’ll be able to set these aside for you. Hygiene products and cable boxes are another example of items to be used immediately.Perishable items that need to be moved to the refrigerator should be packed at the top of a box so they are moved first.

If you have fragile items, you should definetly label them as such. Whether you are moving your own things or having professional movers move them for you, you’ll want to know what boxes you need to be careful with so as not to damage important items. Lastly,
try not to label your boxes as valuable names such as “Rare Porcelain” or “Computers”. This is asking for someone to steal your things. Be extra cautious if you have movers helping you. Keep track of the number of boxes you have and where they are at all times. If all of this sounds too difficult, have a professional moving company help you. For a small cost, they will help you pack and label all your moving boxes accordingly.