Get Creative With That Gift Wrap

Everyone loves giving a nice present. People also love getting a nice present. One way to make any present stand out is with the use of creative and fun gift wrap. Thoughtful, innovative gift wrapping ideas can make the person getting the gift smile even before they open it. Even if you’re not particularly crafty, you can still create something that will delight someone you love. All you need is a few simple materials such as shipping boxes and a bit of time. Make sure you have the supplies you want on hand before you begin. This way, you don’t have to worry that you’re missing anything as you start wrapping. Pay close attention to the details of your project and you’ll have something that your recipient will enjoy the moment you show it to them.

Simple and Easy

Great gift wrap doesn’t have to be elaborate. For example, if you have great handwriting, you can write a lovely message on plain but elegant brown paper. Take advantage of innovative paper options on the market today. Many companies sell products such as black craft paper. Create the impression of a chalkboard by using silver or white markers on the paper to write a message to the recipient. Get even more creative by taking white wrapping paper and some watercolors. Splash on some color and you’ll have a one of a kind wrapping paper with artistic flair that will really stand out in a crowd.

Use What You Have

Go through your closet and drawers to find even more inspiration for unique wrapping paper. Maybe you were thinking about repainting a room. If so, you probably have extra paint sample swatches on hand. Glue these swatches to the side of a plain brown box. Do you love to craft and have extra yarn on hand? Use it to weave a unique design on the side of your gift box. The same is true of duct tape. Duct tape comes in many colors and patterns. Take an ordinary brown box. Wrap brightly colored duct tape along the sides. Brown paper also makes an excellent setting for any leftover paper doilies you might have on hand. Write a personal message on the doily. You can also use other items that help give the wrap a personal touch and indicate that you really understand their hobbies and likes and dislikes.

Their Personality

One way to show that you care about someone deeply is by using items like sheets of music or old newspaper as wrapping paper. Take old books you have around the house. Use them to wrap up your present for someone who loves books. You can also do the same for those who love to travel. Use old maps you have on hand and don’t use anymore now that you have GSP. Old maps are full of color and easy to fold around any box. If you can sew, consider creating wrapping paper that uses your ability well. Take fabric like burlap and sew something special. Use fabric to create fabric ribbons to top the box or to create a gift pouch. An old shirt that you’re not using now also makes an excellent topping for any gift. Creativity helps you make any gift truly special.