Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Everyone loves getting gifts. People love giving them. Gifts are an ideal way to express all sorts of emotions including love and appreciation. When giving a gift, many people want to dress it. Fortunately, there are many ways to present a gift. It’s possible to create a gift that looks fabulous. A well wrapped gift doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money. Simple objects that may already be lying around your home such as cheap moving boxes can be used. With a bit of work and lots of imagination, it’s possible to create a gift that delights the recipient even before they begin to open it. This is particularly true if you are giving several gifts at once such as during the holidays.

Start With a Color Theme

A theme can help unify several gifts. Gifts look great when they are wrapped using the same types of colors. For example, red, white and green look fantastic for Christmas. Shades of blue and pink are ideal a child’s birthday party. The colors you use for the wrapping paper should be echoed in the colors you use for any accessories. A bright, big emerald bow works perfectly with a large box wrapped in yellow and green wrapping paper. The same is true of other accessories such as ribbons that you might want to use on the boxes. Stick to a group of the same colors. This will please the eyes and make the entire gift look as if were wrapped by a professional artist.

Solids and Prints

Solids and prints can be used together quite effectively. Choose a solid shade of wrapping paper to serve as the base. Add in a printed ribbon for effective contrast. Different prints can also be used together. When mixing different prints, think about the size and shape of the prints. Pair similar prints together for a harmonious look. Look for prints that have similar colors and a similar scale. A small series of polka dots can be used with a pattern that has small lines. Once you’ve chosen your solids and prints, you can layer them. Cut them out in different lengths. Wrap the first print along most of the box. Then top it with another layer of a separate print in a contrasting color. The net result is a sophisticated look that charms the eye and add a a sense of delight.

Using Other Materials

When it comes to wrapping a box, it pays to think out of the box. Take a cue from natural materials to create something interesting. Linen and burlap have pleasing textures. For an old fashioned touch, use linen or burlap ribbons to tie up your gift box. Twine is another item that can be used on any box. The texture invites people to touch it. Think long term when buying supplies. Items often go on sale after the holidays. This is the time to stock up for use later in the year. Look for a mixture of various shapes and sizes that you can use on your boxes. A large burlap ribbon, for example, catches the eye and immediately makes the recipient want to open the box and see what’s inside. Use a combination of bright colors and neutrals for a well wrapped gift that will stand out.