Shipping Boxes With Shippo Made Easy

Are You Struggling With Your E-commerce Shipping?

Are you operating an e-commerce store and would like it to be more efficient? Managing your e-commerce store can become quite exhaustive and draining if you do not have the right tools. A professional looking organized website is important to your e-commerce business. Improvements can always be made to get your website user-friendly for your customers. Sending well-worded emails to your customers is important in getting them to take action in purchasing your products. Another important aspect of making or breaking your e-commerce business is shipping boxes to your customers.

Shipping The Old Fashioned Way

Going to the post office or other shipping places is time-consuming. You have to suffer in sometimes long line, just to ship your items to your customers. Remember having to print labels for the packages, the mundane task of doing everything manually on a typewriter, is over. In this age of technology, things are a lot easier, but it can still be rough if not done the right way. A customer purchases items from your store, it has to be shipped to the customer in a timely manner. This could make or break your business if not handled properly.

Let Shippo Help You

At Shippo, we are experienced and ready to help you and provide you with useful tips to ship your boxes to your customers. We will help you with your e-commerce store because we have an excellent partnership with GoDaddy Online Store. We will provide you with effortless tools for shipping your boxes to your customers. You will be delighted with our super great rates to help you in shipping boxes.

Helpful Shipping Tips To Save You Time

Free shipping supplies will take away the worries of getting your package to your customers. Order free supplies in advance directly from your carriers. Chose from items such as boxes, padded envelopes, envelopes, Tyvek packaging, padded pouches and other packaging items. Here is a partial list of popular packaging suppliers used by our customers.

UPS (United Parcel Service)
USPS (United States Postal Service)
DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn)
FedEx (Federal Express)

Use styrofoam packaging instead of bubble wrap to ship fragile products. Make sure the return policy is clear and easy to understand. Customers return items they bought for many different reasons including buyers remorse. This means the customer bought the item and decided they do not want the item, for whatever the reason may be. Always make it easy for the customer to return an item. It builds confidence in your e-commerce business and your customers will recommend you to their friends and family.

Dealing With Incomplete Addresses And Label Printing

Customer address is sometimes incomplete. Use USPS ZIP Code look-up tool for domestic addresses and USPS resource for military and diplomatic addresses. Sticker labels are easy to use, they stick to the package without having to cut them to fit. To print these labels you will need a thermal label printer. Be honest about the cost of shipping, this will let the customer know in advance the cost of the shipping.

Take Action Today

Allow Shippo from GoDaddy Online Stores to help you with your e-commerce business. Create a free test today, create a free label and see how beneficial it is to use Shippo from GoDaddy Online Stores today.