9 Tips For Shipping Fragile Items Your Business Needs

Few things are as frustrating as learning that the fragile item your business shipped arrived damaged. Here are our top 9 tips for avoiding this situation.

Select Packaging That is the Appropriate Size

The first decision you make that can lead to your fragile item being damaged is your choice of packaging. Envelopes and mailers are soft and can lead to damage. It’s always best to choose shipping boxes to protect your product. The right size of shipping boxes is also important given a box that is too large can lead to your item shifting within the box and breaking.

Don’t Skimp on Wrapping Materials

The key to making the box the safest it can possibly be is using the right amount of wrapping material. It’s best to use bubble wrap or some other protective wrapper and make certain every part of your item is wrapped.

Prepare for Harsh Elements

When considering how your package might get damaged in transit your mind likely goes to the possibility of your item being mishandled in some way. However, the elements themselves can be as big a threat as mishandling. Prepare your item in a way that it can resist cold, heat, and small amounts of water.

Properly Attach Your Wrapping Materials

It’s important to make sure your wrapping is fastened securely regardless of the type of wrapping you choose. Loose wrapping can allow your fragile item to shift in transit which could lead to damage. Using packing tape can make certain your item is secure.

Take Care Not to Wrap Item too Tightly

You will need to find a safe balance between wrapping your item securely without wrapping it too tightly. Tight wrapping can put unwanted pressure on your item, causing it to break.

Properly Seal the Box

One major cause of damage to packages is a box opening in transit. This is a worst-case scenario for your item as it can easily be damaged, get lost, or arrive incomplete. To be on the safe side you should make certain every potential opening is securely covered in packing tape.

Consider Additional Wrapping Depending on Travel Distance

Every inch your package travels from you increases the possibility your package could be damaged. The farther your package has to go the more people will handle it and the more opportunities for damage to occur will arise. For items you intend to ship long distance, you should consider additional packing or tape to make certain your fragile item is secure.

Double Check Your Label

While it would be great if the people handling your packages would treat them all with the utmost care, the reality is packages labeled as fragile will get more careful treatment. Always label your fragile packages as such to lessen the chances of mishandling.

Purchase Shipping Insurance

Sometimes things go wrong regardless of your best-laid plans and meticulous preparation. Luckily, there are other protection options if you’re deeply concerned about issues arising after your item leaves your hands. You should consider shipping insurance for items you deem expensive or irreplaceable so that you have some recourse in case the worst happens.