Many e-commerce business operators have found shipping a huge stress. From worrying about safety of products to the expenses incurred via shipping and the duration of delivery. It is paramount for business owners to find a way to maximize the profit they make from time to time through shipping.

When shipping, the first thing one should consider is the best carrier for each order. You don’t necessarily have to stick to one carrier. Choosing the most suitable carrier for each order will definitely cut costs and help you save a lot of money overtime. This is because depending on weight, dimensions of a package, carriers may offer different rates. All you just have to do is take your time to assess one carrier after the other.

Another means to save from shipping is by recycling. Recycling of inventory boxes makes them eligible to be reused for shipping. Excess paper from newspaper printing houses or foam scraps from cardboard businesses can also be reused as packaging materials. All these help to reduce shipping costs, provided a good negotiation is made with the necessary quarters.

Furthermore, where shipping is concerned, insurance is not a total must. From experience, only a very minute percentage of packages get lost or damaged. So it is advisable to overlook insurance costs. In a situation whereby insurance cannot be overly overlooked, it should be made on packages of high value only. Also, to erase the fear or risks of loss, items to be shipped can be packaged to look boring on the outside only.

Ever heard of Zone Skipping?, It is a unified system whereby all packages going to a particular region, mostly a far away one, are gathered together and sent through just one freight shipment to the consolidator offering the service in such zone. The packages are then distributed to customers within that zone thereby reducing the cost of shipping on the shipping boxes.

Next, as common as this may seem, some e-commerce business owners might not have observed that the use of packaging provided by your choice of carriers also lowers the cost of shipping. And these shipping boxes or bags are usually free so why not use them?!

In addition, accuracy is a major thing to consider while shipping. By being very accurate with weights and descriptions of packages, you will not be over-charged for shipping. It is important to ensure each box to be delivered is the right size for the product it houses without lots of empty spaces. The use of light and smart packing materials as against large unnecessary packaging is encouraged if you must save cost.

For those who belong to a professional association, it is possible they have bargained or have a discount deal with major private shipping companies. All you need to do is to make enquires concerning the discount and how to benefit from it.

In conclusion, the practice of bulk purchase of packaging materials is cost-effective. This is due to the fact that equipment and supplies for shipping can be expensive. If you therefore consider putting smiles on the faces of your customers when they get their products delivered and balancing a good deal, you may have to do your calculations well and buy exactly the amount of items you need all at once.