Quick and Easy Moving and Packing Tips

There’s nothing worse than having to pack up a house, an apartment or even a room and having to look at all the fabulous junk you accumulated. By the way, they are belongings until you have to calculate the number of shipping boxes you have to use and then it magically becomes junk. The best thing to do in this case is to look at your belongings objectively. What do you need and what don’t you need? Then get right to the next tip. There are things that you may be able to make useful to someone else in the process. Donate any item in good condition or you can even have a garage sale and make some money back.

Become a Professional Sorter

Now that you’ve decided what you want to keep an what you don’t it’s time to get to sorting. This means by category and not by the room. You need to sort the categories into easy to pack piles. This is because you’re going to sort them again before packing.

Set Aside a Pile to Donate and One to Sell

After you sort your life out on the floor, then you can start making those piles and placing in bags or shipping boxes what you need to donate and sell. Now, off to the actual packing and moving process.

Research Moving Companies 

This is simple but so many people fall short of this because it is too obvious. Make sure the moving company is actually a moving company and not just a truck and a couple of gents driving it. Best to make sure they are bonded and insured because you don’t want a nasty surprise when they lose or break items they won’t ever replace or pay for, this is a common and serious thing that happens all the time.

Schedule Correctly

The date of your move is equally as important. Give yourself and your movers at least a month before the date. Rushing and worrying adds more stress, you can always change the date but be sure you know the cancellation policy.

Rout your Trip

You’ll be meeting the movers at your new place so make sure you know the best rout and in case of you are moving to an unfamiliar area, make sure you have an alternate rout as well.

Get a to do List Going

You’ll have to remember hundreds of things in your normal routine as well as lots more prior to the move. Make sure you have at least put them in the phone and on paper where you have a backup. Remember to cancel any appointments you have in your old town, sometimes, you have appointments such as the dentist 3 months down the road.

Make a Task List

The calendar is the place to put tasks that you have to do pertaining to moving. For instance, calling the moving company, then going through each room to start your purge and sell as well as sorting.

These tips are the most important everything else should fall into place thereafter.