Best Hacks to Pack your Toiletries during Relocation

We all anticipate moving at one point in our lives. When conditions become favorable and opportunities presentable, we have no other choice but to shift house. However, moving comes with its fair share of complexities, particularly when your entire family is relocating. Apart from packing furniture, clothes, and utensils, you face the biggest challenge of all, that of safely transporting your toiletries without any spillage whatsoever.

Come to think about, as you pack; you discover that you have more than a dozen toiletries at your disposal. Whereas some come in tube packages, others come in glass packs which if not handled with care, can break with ease. To this end, it is necessary that you think fast of ways of transporting your valuable possessions to your new location, without breaking or contaminating other elements.

The first step to a safe cosmetic move compels you to sort all your toiletries and group them. If you no longer need an item, this is the opportune time to throw it away. To save up on space, you can do away with expired products and dried cosmetics. If you have extra shampoos, conditioners, lotions, or perfumes, you can gift them to a friend just to ease up on the burden of shifting. Secondly, you have to group the remaining toiletries into several categories, to enable you to pack the items with the most ease. As you pack, discard any flammable items as they are not allowed by many moving companies. You only start packing when you have categorized all your essential cosmetics.

Some of the Packing materials you need include bubble wrap, shipping Boxes, plastic bag, and padded bags. It is after you have covered your cosmetic products with bubble wrap that you then put them in padded bags. Padded bags with many side pockets and pouches are a major recommendation as they help you separate different products. If you have no access to a padded bag, you can make use of small cardboard boxes. For extra cushioning, you can make use of crushed Styrofoam or towels. Always ensure that all hollow spaces get filled with paper or small pieces of clothing. When all the items have gotten carefully placed in the boxes, you can then secure the top of the packages with duct tape to make a tight fit. As you insert your products in either the cardboard box or padded bag, make sure the larger and bulkier items go to the bottom of the package while the smaller lighter ones go to the top.

It is always advisable to contain all liquids in a separate package from that of cosmetics. To avoid any accidental spillages, ensure you burp all plastic bottles containing fluid before packaging. As an extra precautionary measure, you can wrap the bottles in a plastic bag to protect other toiletries from contamination in case an accidental spillage occurs. For safety reasons, it is always a recommendation that you get hold of as many boxes and bags as you can to enable you to reduce chances of contamination by a huge margin.

By cushioning your toiletries, you make it possible for them to arrive at your new destination safely. Although it might seem like a nightmare, packaging and transporting toiletries is easier than it looks. All you have to do is employ the above procedures.