Vacuum Packing Has A Lot Of Benefits For Your Business

Vacuum packaging is efficient, easy, and often used residentially and commercially to preserve food. Vacuum packaging is a type of modified atmosphere packaging meaning there has been an alteration to the external atmosphere. This kind of packaging offers numerous advantages and is almost a modernization of cheap moving boxes.

The price of vacuum sealers varies according to requirements, the size of the machine, production levels, and pricing. You can avoid a lot of frustration by determining the product size and production levels you need before buying your machine. You must also consider gas flush which increases a products shelf life by injecting an inert gas into the packaging. After finding the correct sealer you need to choose your vacuum bags. There are different sizing and options available to provide a professional and sleek packaging.

Additional items are generally necessary and dependent on your machine. Commercial grade sealers often require an external compressor and gas flush systems use external gas tanks. Most start-up vacuum sealing machines for commercial use require an initial investment of $2500 to $4000. This can accommodate roughly 300 packages each hour. If your production levels are much lower you can save money by using a quality vacuum sealer for residential use.

Vacuum packaging can increase a products shelf life 50 to 400 percent. Storing the product in the ideal atmosphere is a major factor in shelf life. This may involve using an inert gas so the oxygen levels are properly reduced. Products being stored in a freezer for the long term are excellent candidates for vacuum packaging. Freezer burn can be drastically reduced with the correct vacuum bags. This is what meat storage facilities use worldwide.

When you increase your shelf life you decrease your product loss. This will help increase your profits. Vacuum bags are usually three mils thick although some bags have a thickness as high as six or eight mils. With the right seal vacuum packaging protects your products from insects, moisture, dust, and damaging external elements. Vacuum packing additionally provides a barrier to help prevent freezer burn.

Meat is often cured with wet aging before preparation and the process has become popular. The meats natural juices are usually used along with flavors and spices before being vacuum sealed. This locks the flavors into the meat for the curing process. Chemical preservatives are completely eliminated with the use of vacuum packaging. With the right combination of inert gas and oxygen your products often last much longer without having to resort to preservatives. Since the atmosphere of the Earth consists of 78 percent nitrogen this is the most common inert gas used for vacuum packaging.

The crystal clarity of vacuum bags allows your products to be easily viewed when being displayed on shelves and improves the presentation of your product. Vacuum packaging is a very affordable solution allowing your products to be ready to be on the shelf and labeled with a printed sticker. The materials for vacuum sealing give you many options regarding your packaging. Bags to seal the product or rolls of sealing film can easily be purchased with features including foil linings, tear notches for easy opening, re-closable zippers, channels, and numerous additional options. Vacuum sealing is efficient and fast when you use the right materials and machines and you can seal as many as 300 products each hour.