DIY Shipping Boxes Ideas that Will Safe You Money

If you are not incorporating the price of your shipping supplies into the bottom line, you may be in for a real surprise as your profits shrink at the end of the quarter. One of the ways you can reduce shipping expenses is to utilize this list of DIY shipping boxes ideas.

Checking the Mail
One of the easiest ways to come up with some DIY shipping boxes is to simply check your mail each day. Packages arriving in all different sizes can be re-purposed for your shipping needs. It doesn’t matter if you got a delivery of clothing from an online retail store or you ordered parts to repair your vehicle, those boxes can be opened, then flattened out, cut, and put back together inside out to hide any exterior branding. Simply tape the box back together and you can use it to ship just about any size items you have. Be sure to mention to residential and business neighbors that you are collecting a variety of sized boxes, and simply cut them open and stack them by size in shelves until they are needed. In no time you will have an impressive amount of empty boxes.

Your Local Supermarket
The local supermarket is a treasure trove of different size quality boxes. Depending the size shipping boxes you need, you can wander into the store while employees are unpacking inventory and get a good idea which will work best. If you’re shipping large items, diaper boxes are the most durable and largest boxes in the store. Show up and ask the employees what days are deliveries, then be in that aisle on that day to collect your free boxes. Depending on the sizes of the boxes that you need, you can wander the store and see them as they arrive. Boxes for soup are smaller but very strong, as well as boxes that hold bottled juices, frozen foods, and baby foods. Once you get the delivery routine down at the supermarket, you can arrive each week and collect unlimited empty boxes that you either use as is or cut open and turn inside out again.

Local Neighborhood Run
With more people being energy conscious these days, you will find that more families and businesses are recycling. These days you will have one day where the trash company picks up all trash, while another day is dedicated to picking up only recyclable materials. Start in your own neighborhood on recycling day, and drive through a few streets when the trash it out for the night. You can also try early in the morning before the recycle truck begins it run. These boxes will either be stacked next to the curb or cut and stacked on top of the recycle bin. Within a few miles you could come across hundreds of packaging material you can use as your DIY shipping boxes. These pick-ups are weekly, so you will have an endless amount of supplies to use for your shipping needs.

By focusing on these DIY shipping boxes ideas, not only will you start to safe yourself money in shipping costs, you will begin to reuse resources that may have been headed to the landfill. The more you focus on these ideas, you will be surprised how many new ideas you come up with on your own each month.