Avoiding these moving mistakes will make your move much less stressful

Are you planning a move across town or across country? Do you feel as though you know how to prepare for moving day and so are not worried about getting everything done in time?

If so, you may actually be surprised to learn there are some things you may have forgotten about. Common moving mistakes that can suddenly make your move go from easy to problematic.

1. Not planning enough time

The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to moving is to not plan enough time to get organized. Starting too late means you suddenly come up against a time crunch and panic begins to set in.

The easiest way to allow enough time is to look at your actual moving date and then count backwards about two months. This time frame will give you enough flexibility to hire the right moving company, buy the shipping boxes you will need to pack, come up with a budget and get everything organized.

2. Not contacting enough movers

While it may be tempting to hire the first moving company you find that is in your price range, this is rarely a good idea.

Instead, be sure to contact five or six companies, ask for free quotes from each and then ask for the names and phone numbers of their references.

Speaking to former customers will give you a good idea about the reliability of each mover. You can then choose the one you think will work for you and your move both price-wise and reliability-wise.

3. Not reading contracts correctly

While most movers are reputable, one common mistake people make that does come back to haunt them is not reading the moving contract thoroughly.

A good company will have an easy to understand moving contract but will still usually go over all the additional fees with you before you sign it. A mover that is trying to hide something will not. Read any moving contract carefully before signing it, no matter who the company is.

If you are still in doubt as to what are acceptable fees as well as what rights you have, be sure to also pick up a copy of a booklet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”.

The booklet is put together by a regulatory organization called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It tells you everything you need to know about your legal rights in a move.

4. Not getting rid of things you do not need

Remember, you pay for moving everything that goes on the truck. That is why you should be sure to get rid of all those items you have not used for a long time and likely never will.

You can either donate them to a local non-profit and get a deduction on your taxes, or you can hold a yard sale and make some extra cash.

5. Not allowing for the right amount of packing time

Packing your belongings always takes far longer than you expect it to. The biggest mistake people make is not allowing enough time to do so.

Remember to schedule enough time to buy shipping boxes, to wrap items in bubble wrap that could easily break and to put your small things into boxes and then tape them carefully shut.

Be sure to also label all your boxes carefully so, once you get to your new home, you can easily find the shipping boxes that are holding needed items like cutlery and plates, towels and sheets.