What You Should Always Bring When Traveling

1. Your Check List

It is essential for every traveler who is coming into a new place. You might want to get an old notepad and write down all the things that you should bring in your vacation so that you will not forget them. You can also write down the places you would like to visit, food you would like to eat or experiences that you would like to try. The possibilities are endless, and a small check list can be placed inside your bag without compromising big spaces. You can even make your check list in your smart phone!

2. First Aid Kit

No one knows when an accident will strike, so it is much better if we are traveling prepared. A small packet of cotton balls, band aids, alcohol, iodine solution, and medicines wouldn’t hurt. You can put them in small, cheap moving boxes that would not take a lot of space.

3. Limited Amount of Liquids

Liquids more than 100 ML are banned in European airports, so we must not forget to limit the liquids that we are going to bring inside the airplane.

4. Name Tags

Do not forget to put a name tag in your luggage to prevent it from being lost, or sometimes, be swapped with another tourist’s luggage.

5. Information about Baggage Restriction

The amount of baggage one could bring inside the airport can be seen on the ticket you paid. If it is stated there that your baggage limit is at 20 kilograms, do not bring a bag that weighs in 25 kilograms! If in case you really need to have an excess baggage, some airline companies will be charging you with additional fees. In some airlines, it is much worse – they will not allow you to board until you reached the airline’s desired weight. It is much better if you start keeping your things in organized and cheap moving boxes, so the hassle could be lessen.

6. Souvenir Bags

If you will be on a shopping spree overseas, it is a good idea to bring in a separate bag with you where you will be putting all those souvenirs and mementos. You can also buy cheap moving boxes to put in all of the goods you purchased, and send it back to your home country through cargo if it is too big.

7. Two Pairs of Shoes

You should minimize the number of shoes that you will bring because it will eat up a lot of space. In the day of your flight, just wear the first pair, and then put the second pair inside your luggage.

8. Limited Number of Cosmetics

It is okay to bring in cosmetics when traveling, but put them on small containers that would only take a little space.

9. Rolled Clothes

Rolled clothes take up only a small space in your luggage, and it also prevents them from having wrinkles all throughout your holiday.

10. Electronics or Gadgets

You should bring a small piece of technology for memento’s and communication’s sake. It can be your smartphone, camera, laptop, or any other gadget that you have. However, make sure that they are in your hand carry bags, because the risk of it being stolen is high when you put it in your check in baggage.

11. Adapters

Different countries have different socket models, so it is better if you bring one to save time and money.

12. Personal Hygiene Kit

Toothbrush, soap, shampoo – anything that you use for personal care is necessary to be in your bag when traveling.

12. Essentials

You should always have your pocket money, credit cards, passport and other travel documents including your tickets when going on a holiday especially outside the country. Without these, you are 100% to do a U-turn and go back home.