How To Create Your Own Decorative Cardboard Boxes

It seems as everyone these days is using cardboard boxes to decorate in their homes. The decorative boxes that are used are able to be made to suite your own individual style. If you are handy and like to craft, there is a way to make these boxes in your own home.

Step 1:

You will need to gather your supplies to make your cardboard boxes.
Boxes, the size that you want to use in your home.
Wrapping paper, it can be any style of wrapping paper however if you want to be “green”, try using recyclable wrapping paper
Tape, clear plastic tape.
Scissors and a ruler.

Step 2:

You will want to measure the box that you plan on decorating. You should measure from the top of the box to the bottom. Once you do this, you will cut a piece of wrapping paper that is wider by 1 inch. You will want to fold down the top as well as the bottom edges of the paper.

Step 3:

The next step is going to have you apply tape to the bottom and top portion of the wrapping paper edges. You will only want to use a little tape at once in order to keep the box looking stylish.

Step 4:

Once you have used the wrapping paper and have taped all the sides, you will start back at the beginning. The overlap of the wrapping paper will need to be folded and taped. You can either tape it from the top or the bottom. Whichever choice you make, make sure that it looks nice to keep people from knowing that you made it yourself.

Step 5:

To allow for various different boxes to be used, you will want to use different wrapping paper for each individual box. You should apply a solid color wrapping paper as well as a pattern. The box that you are using for a solid should have a top that is pattern and vice versa for the other box lid. You will want to measure the top of the box and cut an extra inch around the outside of the box. This will allow for the box to have sides that are also covered. Once you have measured the box and have cut the paper, you will then want to apply tape to the inside of the box lid where the paper meets the box.

The box lid will have ends folded over like when wrapping a present. The folded sides will use a diagonal crease from the top to the bottom. I open up the folds and tape them along the edge of the lid.

Once you have completed wrapping the cardboard boxes, you will then want to use them to place things inside of. Some things you could use to store in the boxes include receipts, recipes and even photos. Your boxes will then be more than just decorative boxes. They will serve a double purpose for your home. They are stylish and have a purpose.