DIY Candy Box – Perfect for Teachers Gifts, Romantic Gestures, and more!

Who doesn’t love candy, and what better way to make it more fun then by putting it in a candy box, which is just perfect for teachers gifts, party favors, Valentine’s Day, birthday parties, weddings, grill outs, and more.

To make your own candy boxes is simple and only requires a few materials. In addition, you can fill them with your own choice of delectable sweets from gourmet chocolates to flavored taffy to gummy candies and even gum balls. The choices are endless.

There are a variety of DIY candy box designs, colors, and themes to choose from. However, for a simple candy box design that is just as adorable as it is sweet, try this easy to follow design, shaped just like a huge piece of candy, to really drive home the point!

What you will need:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Candy box punch board
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Your choice of candy, approximately 26 pieces per one pound box

To begin:

Depending on your candy box, the width will typically be about 7 inches wide; however, the length of the box can range up to 12 inches or more.

To start, place the 7 inch side, or the shorter side, of the box horizontally onto your punch board.

Be sure the opposite side of the board lines up with the guide on the punch board in addition.


Press the punch firmly down on the edge of the board, then slightly position the board to the left until it covers the guide.


Once you are sure your board is positioned over the guide, next, use the bone folder to create a cut-off point.

To locate a bone folder, simply use the bone folder included in your candy punch board box.

To incorporate scalloped edges, simply use the end of the punch.


Next, using the bone folder, create a cut-off point on the other side, creating a diamond shape.

Repeat this process across both ends of the board.


The next step is to tape or glue the center part of the box together.


Gather the end of one side of the box together, and then secure it using ribbon. It should resemble one end of a wrapped piece of candy.

Next, fill the candy box with your choice of treats. For example, salt water taffies, truffles, sour candies, gummy candies, hard candies, candy balls, or gum balls etc.

Once the box is filled with your choice of tasty treats, simply adhere the other end of the box using ribbon.

At this point, your candy box should resemble a large piece of wrapped candy!


Once your candy box is complete, you can personalize it even more with ribbons, special messages, stickers, or whatever your heart desires.

Every occasion provides the perfect opportunity to gift the special people in your life with the gift of sweet treats, which is sure to make their day. DIY candy boxes allow you to further personalize your sweet treat, as well as provides a gift from the heart, which is also sure to help make your loved ones feel appreciated.