Packing Cakes The Right Way

A cake is always a brilliant present to give to someone because let’s face it, who doesn’t like cake? But when it comes to sending someone some love in the form of a cake, shipping it can be pretty hard, and you the person may not always end up receiving the same thing that you sent. Cake’s are perishable items and therefore need to be packaged right to ensure that they don’t get spoilt in transit. Moreover, they must be packaged well to ensure that they don’t get smashed on their way to the recipient.

#1 Prepping The Cake
There are a few things that one must first keep in mind before they send out a cake as a package or as a birthday present. For starters, using a soft icing or whipped cream for the cake is not advisable. Soft icing is more prone to damage since it tends to be more delicate. Over that, they melt much faster than normal hard icing, which doesn’t melt during transit. Fresh fruit cakes may be the preferred kind for some, but the long hours that the cake might spend on the way to the destination may cause the fruit to lose its freshness, deteriorating the overall taste of the cake. When shipping, chocolate, vanilla and other kinds of essence cakes are ideal since they don’t spoil as quickly.

#2 Freeze Before
One tip that bakers and pastry chefs stand by is freezing the cake before serving. This is mainly done so that the cake retains its shape and doesn’t fall apart. The same can be done when shipping a cake. Just before the day, you plan to send the cake, freeze it overnight. This will help the cake retain its desired shape, and it will help the icing to harden, making it a non messy shipment.

#3 Packaging
On the day of shipping the package, take the cake out of the freezer and cover it with plastic wrap. After you do that, cover the entire cake with aluminum foil. This will help the cake stay cool on its journey, retaining its freshness, preventing the cake from getting spoilt and the icing from melting.

Next, you will need to prep a little hand for this. You will need to buy shipping boxes and fill it with gel packets and styrofoam packaging peanuts. You can also refrigerate the gel bags before throwing them in so that your cake stays cool throughout the ride. If you want your cake to be in the absolute perfect condition when it reaches your destination, place it in styrofoam cooler shipping boxes.

#4 Sealing it Away
After the box has been packed, tape the box closed with super sturdy tape. Be sure that the tape isn’t one that can come off quickly. Get a sticker that says “This side up” and “Fragile.” People often forget that these handy labels are the main things that make delivery company’s vary of delicate goods, leading them to take extra care of them.

#5 Choosing A Delivery
When sending a cake, one of the most important things is to ensure that you pick a delivery service that is fast, and one which will take care of your package as intended to. Choosing overnight or one-day delivery packages are the best way to ensure that your cake reaches the recipient in good condition, still as fresh as it was when it came out of the oven.