Types of packaging to Consider

Did you know that the kind of packaging that you choose reflects your brand? That is the reason why the top quality brands like Channel, Apple, and Rolex pay close attention to the packaging. They know the importance of proper packaging to customer service. It may not seem like an important factor, but if you want to improve your customer experience, you need to choose a suitable packaging.

There are various shipping supplies that you need to consider. The type of packaging box that you want is the first factor of consideration. Many different versions of boxes are available, and they include:

Cardboard boxes

They are also known as the corrugated boxes, and they are used in shipping the large items. These boxes are designed in various designs, and they all differ when it comes to durability. When choosing the corrugated boxes, you need to consider the layer of papers. The boxes have three layers, the outside and inner liners and the corrugated mediums. The medium is what gives the boxes rigidity and strength.

Recycled paper is used to make the boxes.

Paperboard boxes

If you are looking for a lightweight and sturdy box, the paperboard is the perfect option. The boxes have been made from wood and recycled paper.

The different types of paperboard boxes can be used to package different items. The Solid Bleached Sulfate paperboards are used to package the medicines, cosmetics, frozen foods, and more.

Plastics boxes

Even though these shipping supplies have been replaced by ceramic, wood, glass and leather, the plastic boxes are still very useful. They offer significant benefits include recycling. They can be reused for packaging other items. The plastic boxes are durable.

They offer the customers a chance to view the product without necessarily opening the box. The boxes can be applied with a coating to enhance the appearance.

Clipboard packaging

If you are in the medical, cosmetics, food, or electronic industries, this is the right packaging for your business. The boxes used are made from reclaimed paper stock.

The boxes come in various strengths and densities which are determined by the density of the material used. The clipboard material is lightweight and, therefore, can’t be used to package heavy items.

Rigid boxes

iPhones, Rolexes, Marc Jacob products have one thing in common; they are packaged in the rigid boxes. The rigid box is made from condensed paperboard.

They are the most expensive boxes compared to the other designs. The boxes are used to package the luxurious high-end items.

Poly bags

These are the commonly used form of packaging. They are known as plastic bags and are made from thin plastic and film fabric. The poly bags are used to package different products like magazines, flowers, flowers, and food items. They are durable and reusable.

Due to their flexibility in manufacturing, the plastic bags are cost effective. There are different designs available, but generally, the bags are designed with carrying handles.

Foiled sealed packaging

They are mostly used in packaging the tea and coffee. This is because it helps to keep the product fresh and protected from bacteria. Nuts, smoked fish, cheese, and cereals are also packaged using bags. It helps to increase the shelf life.

Foiled sealed bags are also used to package the beddings and other clothing products.