Benefits of Stretch Wrap Machines

Stretch wrap is a big part of shipping products to stores on tall pallets. Pallets usually have to be wrapped up again after being worked at the store to stock shelves. This can be a time consuming and costly process since the employees have to do it by hand and may use more wrap than what they need to. This can lead to tired employees and possibly improperly wrapped pallets. What can be done about this? A stretch wrap machine may be the perfect answer.

The initial cost may be expensive, however the money saved can allow the machine to pay for itself over time. Ranging from 5k – 10k may seem like a lot of money to spend on a piece of equipment that does such a simple job but it can save money and energy. Workers can’t get the stretch wrap to reach it’s full potential and that can get costly since they are then using more than what is needed to wrap pallets. What a stretch wrap machine will do is use less of the wrap while still securing the stack of product securely. The machine will also wrap faster than what one can do by hand. This would save time for other tasks!

Allowing the machine to do the wrapping will also reduce product loss. An improperly wrapped stack of product can fall over or individual products may become lose and slip past the plastic. Quality plastics will also continue to stretch to max potential. If the wrap didn’t reach full potential while being secured initially, products may stretch out the plastic and cause product loss.

Worker energy and efficiency will also increase with having a stretch wrap machine. Wrapping a large pallet isn’t easy. It takes a lot of energy and a toll on the back. By investing in a wrap machine, this allows workers to complete other tasks while the machine wraps the pallet. Workers could also prepare the next pallet to get wrapped while the machine works on one itself. This could also reduce labor costs since more work will be getting completed faster!

Finally, tall pallets will be able to get wrapped as well. This will reduce the number of pallets that would need to get put away after stocking and reduce the cost of wrap since you could put more on one instead of multiple. The average person can not safely wrap a pallet over about 6 feet tall. The wrap machine would be able to safely wrap pallets that are taller than the person who would be doing the work otherwise.

If your business wraps many pallets a week and you have to spend a lot of time wrapping them back up after stocking, it may be very beneficial to invest in a stretch wrap machine. Of course, the initial cost isn’t great, but over time it will pay for itself. The machine will reduce product loss, employee cost, and cost of the wrap itself since you will be using less. Employees will be able to accomplish more work since they won’t be stuck wrapping pallets that they are done with. The option to build taller pallets will also reduce the cost of wrap because you will be wrapping less over all pallets! What’s better than saving money and accomplishing more tasks during the day? A stretch wrap machine may be a budgeting hero for your company!