The Ultimate Moving Box Buying Guide

Moving can be a daunting task. It literally means uprooting your family to move to a new location that you’re not even familiar with. It requires an extensive amount of time, energy, money, and much of your sanity. And with all of the different aspects that it takes to make a move, such as selling your house, buying a new house, or learning about your new location. There are often times several things that get overlooked during the moving process. For instance, packing supplies is probably one of the most under thought of aspects to moving, yet it actually is one of the most important. Without the proper supplies, such as cheap moving boxes, you won’t be able to properly organize or pack up your house to move to your new home. So, in this article we will give you specific information on different types of moving boxes you have at your disposal when preparing for your move.

First, before we start into the different types of moving boxes, it may be good for you to know where you can get such boxes. For starters, if you are just looking for plain old generic cheap moving boxes, check out your local grocery or department stores. Often times they are clamoring to get rid of them and will give them to you for free. However, if you’re needing a specialty type of moving box, such as a China box, you may have to go to a packing store in order to purchase the proper materials.

Book Box

A book box is the most common type of moving back there is. Again, if this is the type of cheap moving box you are looking for, check out your local grocery stores first. However, if you’re wanting new boxes these ones are the first standard items such as CDs, books, magazines, cleaning supplies, items, etc. Just make sure that you don’t put too much weight into the. Otherwise the bottoms will break off. 50 pounds is normally your maximum limit for these types of.

Linen Box

Linen boxes are slightly larger than the book boxes, and are better for larger items such as pots and pans. Like with the book boxes, this also has a maximum weight limit of about 50 pounds. Also, we recommend filling in the empty spaces of this box with packing paper or towels so as your items inside won’t clamber around and break or become damaged.

China Box

China boxes are far sturdier than the two previous boxes. They are also larger. These boxes are constricted of extra thick cardboard and a double corrugated as to make sure that your items inside will be protected from harm during the move. These types of boxes are best for your fragile items such as bowls, vases, electronic, lamps, etc.

Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe boxes, like China boxes, are specialty boxes. These boxes are specially designed for clothes and other large shaped items. Typically they stand about 4 feet tall and come with a bar at the top that allows you to hang your clothes. Other types of items that you can use in these boxes are ironing boards, big cushions, umbrellas, etc. However, do not fill these boxes with heavy items or you will make it next to impossible to be able to move.

All the boxes we’ve listed above are here for you to utilize when making your move. The key to a successful transition is being prepared and giving yourself the adequate time to pack up your house before moving day. Just make sure that whatever you do you have the proper packing supplies in place before you start. This will better help you to have a stress-free move and actually let you enjoy the process of starting a new adventure. Happy moving!