How To Move A Safe

When making a move, you will have to move all sorts of different kinds of items. This will be standard items such as kitchen equipment, lighting, clothes, couches, tables, and patio furniture. However, you might also have to move some more unique type of items such as a pool table, an antique vanity, a piano, or even a safe. Trying to move specialty items will often take extra time and effort on your part because they will require special packaging supplies and materials in order to get the job done properly. Often times, your best bet is to hire a moving company that can safely and reliably move your specialty item. However, under some unique circumstances, such as moving a safe, you may want to do it yourself. In this article we will show you how to move such one particular item, a safe, and how to do it efficiently and safely. (No pun intended)

The first thing you want to do before moving a safe is make sure that you have all the necessary packaging supplies and moving materials to get the job done right. For this type of move you’re going to need at least one other person, a heavy-duty dolly, ropes, and thick blankets. You’ll also want to properly measure your safe. This will especially important when you go to rent a dolly, because they’ll need to be able to give you the proper size so you can safely move it. Also, prior to moving your safe, consider emptying it if you can to help make it lighter and easier to move.

Once all of your prerequisites for moving your safe are done, now you can focus your attention on moving the safe. So, make sure that the door is closed and your safe is locked in place. Then, wrap the entire safe with blankets and secure it with plastic covers and tape so no metal is showing. After that has been completed, enlist the help of your friends and slowly slide the heavy-duty dolly underneath the bottom of the safe. Once it’s on the dolly you’ll need to fasten it with the ropes and secure it tightly so it stays in place. Once it’s secured, you and your friends will need to tilt back the dolly so that the weight is balanced on the rubber wheels and you’ll need to wheel it to the truck. Once you get it on the truck, then you’ll need to fascinate against the wall of the truck with heavy-duty ropes or towlines, to ensure that it doesn’t move during the drive.

Once you get to where you want to go, you then start to work the process in reverse. Unfasten the the dolly from the truck, and with the help of your friends carefully wheel it off of the ramp and roll it to where you need it to go. Once it’s in its designated room, carefully unfasten the ropes and slowly slide it off with a dolly. Once it’s in place go ahead and take off all of the packaging supplies that you used to wrap it up for its trip. Then, if you took out any of the items replace them and lock your safe back up.

Moving a safe doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to perform extreme caution and realize that while it is a safe, it isn’t the safest thing in the world to move. If you keep this in mind, and follow these steps, you will be able to safely and efficiently move your safe to its new home.