How To Help Move A Pack Rat

Moving is never fun. Especially, when it’s not even you moving and instead is a friend that you’re helping. Often times you wind up eating up an entire Saturday, or even an entire weekend in order to help your buddy move. But, of course you do it because it’s all in the name of friendship right? While this is true, if your friend is a packrat things may not only be not fun, but can get downright difficult very quickly. So, whether your friend is a hobbyist collector, an indecisive type who seems to keep everything, or borderline hoarder. We’re here to help you strategize how to help make their move just a little bit easier.

Step #1: Allow Enough Time For Sorting

Chances are if your buddy is a packrat, it’s going to take far more than an afternoon to sort through all their junk. So, plan ahead and make sure that you’re giving yourselves plenty of time to sort through all of their staff and organize it before you even start the moving process. Also, because of their hoarding tendencies, you’re going to need far more packaging supplies than you otherwise would have. So, make sure that before you start, you have more than enough packaging supplies to help get your friend through their move.

Step #2: Consider Their Emotions

Even though you may become extremely frustrated when you see the amount of work that needs to be done, don’t forget that this is hard for everyone. And, you did say that you were going to help. Therefore, take their feelings and emotions into consideration and try to be as patient as you can. And even though all of their stuff may seem like garbage to you, more than likely they are treasures to them. So as you go through each room work slowly and listen to what they’re telling you about each item. And try your best to see things from their point of view.

Step #3: Set A Plan To Declutter

This step will probably be the most difficult during the entire process. After all the definition of the packrat is someone who doesn’t throw anything away. So, odds are there will be a lot of stuff in their home that isn’t truly needed, but will be very difficult for the owner to want to get rid of. So, do your best to make the owner feel better about the process of decluttering by keeping the memory alive and donating some of their items. Suggest that you even donate them to their favorite charity. This may help make the process go a little bit more smoothly, and hopefully will also allow you to get rid of more junk.

Step 4# Have A Battle Plan

This step is probably the most important part in helping a packrat move. This is because having a plan can dramatically cut down on time, as well as emotional and physical strain. Make sure that you clearing areas so you can store your items into different piles such as keep, giveaway, and trash. Once you have your designated drop points, start in one room and don’t move on to the next until that room is complete. We also suggest to carry a durable laundry basket or large plastic bin with you so you can quickly move items to the right spot. Don’t expect this step to be easy, but with proper planning you can make it far less of a headache.

Step #5: Keep Deadlines

More than likely your packrat friend is probably not the most organized person in the world. And when you combine that with the fact that they’re probably already emotional because of the move, you’ll want to make sure that you help then to keep on track with their deadlines. You can do this by incorporating creative methods such as scheduling a charity donation pick up. This makes it so you and your friend are forced to hit your deadline in the proper amount of time.

No matter which way you look at it, moving isn’t fun. But, it’s one of the many reasons why you have friends. And you, being the good friend that you are, you’ll want to do your best in order to help your friend’s moving process goes smoothly as possible. So, give yourself plenty of time in advance, stay focused, make a plan, be patient, and you can better help your friend start their new adventure.