8 Valuable Tips for Moving Your Valuables

Moving day is fast approaching and you’ve already started to pack away all your worldly belongings into convenient shipping boxes. However, you’ve come across several items that are far too valuable to just be shoved in an ordinary box. You ponder what to do, wishing you would have thought more ahead. If this scenario sounds like something you would like to avoid, then this article will show you 8 valuable tips that will keep your valuables safe during a move.

  1. Create an Inventory

While documenting your every item may not be worth your time, taking notes and photographs of your most meaningful and valuable possessions can help, should anything go wrong. For starters, it’s easier to make a claim against your homeowners insurance, or the moving companies, if you have documentation of the original state. If you plan ahead enough in advance this should fit in easily with your pre-move organizing.

  1. Get Insurance

You may think that your items are covered under your moving companies insurance. However, often times this is not the case. So, either talk to your moving carrier about purchasing additional coverage, or individually insure your most valuable items through a third-party insurance company.

  1. Big Stuff Needs Help

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can move a giant grand piano or a 500-pound gun safe by yourself. These items often need special dollies and wooden crates. And sometimes movers will contract that work out to specialists. So, don’t try to save a buck by doing it yourself. Instead, allow the professionals to do the work for you to ensure the safety of your items.

  1. Small Stuff Goes With You

What better way to make sure your items stay safe, then by keeping them with you? So, when it comes to small items such as jewelry or important paperwork, just pack it and take it with you in your vehicle.

  1. Invest In the Right Boxes

There is a time and place for cheap shipping boxes, but when it comes to your valuable items, this is neither the time nor place. Yeah a $20 box may seem expensive, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than $1,000 for a new TV. Same goes for things like crystal stemware or china plates.

  1. Dishes Side-by-Side

When you pack your dishes, pack them in several layers of paper. But, don’t lay them flat-side down. Instead fit them in the box on the edge. This way, they’re less likely to shatter of something bumps the edge.

  1. Tape Paintings

By putting a big X with masking tape on anything under glass, you can help keep the glass from shattering.

  1. Box It Up Right

Once you’ve finished boxing up your fragile items, gently shake the box. If nothing moves then you’re good to go. However, if it does, open the box back up and add additional padding to help make it more secure. Also, be sure to fill the box, so the top doesn’t cave in. And don’t just fold the flaps tape them.

Packing up and moving your valuables doesn’t have to be stressful. With the proper planning and following these 8 tips, you can keep your valuables safe from harm as you transition into your new phase of life.