How to Choose the Right Boxes for Moving

What is the single most crucial component when it comes to making a move?  Well, sure you need to have somewhere you are moving into.  And you definitely need a way to get all your stuff from point A to point B.  But even if you don’t have a moving truck and just use your trailer or personal vehicles there is still something that is more important.  The answer is boxes!  And since boxes are the single most crucial component for moving, choosing the right ones is a big job.


What are some qualities that you want out of your boxes?  How about…

…Strength.  When it comes to buying boxes, you should be buying actual moving boxes or shipping boxes.  These boxes are designed to carry a heavy load, and be stacked on top of each other.  Don’t fret, though.  You can still find used moving and shipping boxes from websites like Craiglist or Ebay.  If you do get used boxes make sure that they aren’t compromised.  Dented corners and any creases lower the integrity of a box more than you think.

…Size.  When your boxes are full, they shouldn’t weigh any more than thirty pounds.  For stuff like bedding this could be a fairly large box.  For books it’s going to be smaller, and then everything in between.  Make sure that each box is filled to the top without being overfilled.  You don’t want any boxes caving in or bursting at the seams and bringing down all of the ones stacked above and below.

…Support.  Using the right kind of moving and shipping boxes should be accentuated by using the right kind of tape.  Choose a heavy duty tape, and use enough of it when sealing your boxes.  There’s no point to having good boxes if you cut corners with the tape.

… Blank.  The nice thing new or gently used boxes is that they come with a blank slate.  Literally.  The sides need to be basically blank so that you can clearly label or even color code multiple sides of each box.  Being able to distinguish your writing from a logo or someone else’s previous label is a big deal.  You want your indication of what side should be up, and if the box contains anything fragile, to be taken seriously.

You can never be too sure or too picky about the boxes that you choose for your move.  After all, you want your stuff to arrive at your new home the same way it was when you packed it up, right?  Otherwise, why are you even bothering to pack it all?