A Short Discussion About Wedding Favors

Planning for your wedding is an enormous task.  People spend years putting together color schemes, flower arrangements, dress designs, table layouts, reception favors, venue decorations, menu planning, cake creating, and on and on the list goes…  Some people knock this out in a few months and do their best to save money.  Some people want to extend the engagement so they can make sure that every single detail is absolutely perfect.  If you are taking either route, there are still some pretty fabulous tips out there to help you wind up with the best day ever.


What’s one aspect of a wedding that always falls flat?  Or, rather, that seems to be underappreciated?  The favors.  I mean, if we’re all being honest here, how many weddings have you gone to where you actually made to sure to take your favor home?  There have only been a couple for me.  One of them was my cousin’s wedding, and she had made some pretty snazzy Christmas tree ornaments (she got married in December) out of hot glue, ribbon, and starfish (she got married in Florida).


I took that one home because I love a good Christmas tree ornament.  Other than that, I can’t really say I was chomping at the bit to take home a candle with the bride and groom’s face on it.  For my own wedding I skipped the favors altogether and set out a printout on each table saying that I had given the money for favors to a charitable organization committed to finding the cure for brain cancer (my mother had just had a brain tumor removed).


That being said, before you consider dropping four and five hundred dollars on personalized shot glasses or sunglasses, or even those little mesh baggies of butter mints, consider offering small candy boxes at each place setting, each one wrapped differently, with cohesive embellishments and colors.  People aren’t even going to wait to open their own individual present, and there are definitely going to be some squeals when the guests discover they’ve unwrapped candy boxes.


Four, or even two, candies per box is all that is necessary.  You can even make the candy for an added touch, or order it from a local confectioner to promote your local businesses.  Either way, I have found that candy boxes as party favors for any occasion are immediately partaken of and appreciated.  So yeah, it’s candy, but that’s the point!  Everyone loves candy!  Not everyone loves beer koozies and another ballpoint pen.