DIY Storage Solutions

Let’s talk DIY storage solutions.  Everyone’s doin’ it.  That doesn’t matter to you?  Fine (also, I’m proud of you).  But that doesn’t mean that DIY storage solutions shouldn’t be utilized by everyone.  Let’s face it- storage is ridiculously expensive.  Most of us simply want we can’t have.  What’s the point of going into debt because of storage?  There isn’t one!  You can create your own storage solutions primarily out of recycled materials like cardboard boxes, and here’s how:

Project One) Antique wooden crates might make me break out in hives with longing, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to dip into my retirement to get my hands on some.  So instead of shelling out the cash, I used some sturdy cardboard boxes and an old sweater I didn’t wear anywhere to make an adorable nest for stuffed animals.


Project Two) Use your own cardboard boxes to come up with a tea organizer that fits easily into your drawer and also comes out easily enough when you have guests over.


Project Three) Use your empty disinfectant wipe canisters to make a hanging wall system.  Instead of me trying to explain it to you, look it up on pinterest and find tons of different options.  An easier project, using the same materials, is to cover one of the canisters with spray adhesive and fabric, and then use it to store your rolls of doggy bags.



Project Four) I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the PVC pipe shoe rock, and there’s good reason for it.  It’s because the system is freaking amazing, and is highly recommended.  If you have a whole mudroom you can even go up the entire wall and store lesser used shoes (like snow boots) at the top.


Project Five) Use wire mesh filing trays as a storage solution by screwing them to the insides of your closet doors.  You can fit a lot of obscure stuff in there that just winds up taking up room elsewhere, like hats and gloves and scarves or some sports uniform accessories.


Project Six) One of my personal favorites is using bulk spice containers to store batteries in.  These even fit perfectly inside of a refrigerator door if you are the kind of person who keeps their batteries chilled at all times.


Project Seven) I couldn’t end this post in good conscience without going back to cardboard boxes.  You can cover cardboard boxes with fabric, paper, paint… You can use chalkboard paper, label stickers, or anything other label available at your local craft store…


You can literally transform any kind of cardboard box into a solution for storage and be happy with it.  But don’t take my word for it!  Let Pinterest prove it!