Helpful Tips for Creative Packaging

The business world has become so competitive that it has become absolutely crucial to market your product in a way that sets you apart.  Most of the time businesses are trying to sell similar items with a different take, which makes packaging design a key player.  With the right marketing strategy and packaging supplies you should be able to brand your product in a way that will allow it to sell itself.  Here are some great ideas from businesses who are successful because they are creative:

A company that sells eggs found a way to draw attention to their product by indirectly incorporating it into the packaging design.  How is this possible?  Well, if you are trying to convince your customer that your eggs are the freshest compared to your competitors, how would you do that?  You would ask yourself: when is an egg at it’s freshest?  And then you would ask yourself: how do I translate that into the packaging design?  That’s right… Envision a chicken looking over it’s shoulder as it’s laying an egg.


A chewing gum manufacturer found a clever way to include their actual product into the packaging.  You can save a lot of money on packaging supplies when you choose a simple strategy that completely focuses on your product.  Sound impossible?  Not when you are trying to sell gum and your overall product design consists of a smiling mouth, using the gum to represent the teeth.  Now that’s clever marketing.  It just makes you want to chew gum.

Sometimes a simple and direct approach will give you the most results.  Consider the business that sells earphones.  They spent very little on packaging supplies because the earphones were the center of the design.  A simple cardboard sheet was all that was needed, and the earphones were folded in such a way as to represent a musical note, with the actual buds becoming the flags of the note.


Sometimes a completely different approach is what it takes to draw in your customers.  Sugar cubes aren’t that exciting, right?  Design them into a puzzle, with each cube being a piece of the puzzle, and you will give a consumer a reason to choose your product over your competitor’s boring, standard option.

Is there a way to make your packaging supplies interactive with the consumer?  For example, design your tea bags to look like a t-shirt and put them on a little hangar that hangs from a tiny wooden rod inside of the tea box.  People will buy them purely for the novelty of the experience, even taking into consideration how proud and pleased they will be to present it when they ask a friend if they’d like “a spot”.