Simple Tips for a Successful Shipping Experience

  • If you need to, take pictures of any items you are trying to sell and then package and weight them immediately. This provides accurate shipping information for your customer but also for yourself.  Trying to calculate shipping often results in an overcharge of your customer or your company having to absorb excess costs.
  • Use proper shipping supplies to carefully package your item. The whole point of sending them in the mail is for it to get to its destination in the same condition.  Proper packaging is crucial for this to happen.  Use boxes that are the right size, use enough filler to take up any empty space, and use the H taping method when securing the package.
  • The US Postal Service offers free package pickup, which will save you both time and money. You can purchase shipping online through your business, through the USPS, or even through third-parties (like  Don’t forget to purchase insurance!
  • You might assume that people want the cheapest shipping options, but you would be surprised by how many people prefer the fastest shipping options, regardless of the price. It is recommended to offer same day business or one business day handling, and then notifying your customer as soon as their item has been shipped.


  • Make sure to be stocked up on shipping supplies at all times. You can order them through the US Postal Service, or you can order them from online retailers.  Reuse shipping supplies like packing peanuts and bubble wrap when you can.
  • If you print your shipping labels at home you don’t have to stand in line at the post office. This one simple step will save you a bunch of time and frustration.  It’s definitely worth the investment in printer ink.
  • A lot of tracking is available for free when you print out your shipping label at home. Be sure to include this information for the customer, so that they can keep track of their item.  But you should also be keeping track to make sure that your product is getting where it’s supposed to on time.  If you monitor your service carrier you can more effectively calculate what your shipping needs are and even what kind of a discount you could be getting from them.
  • I like to include a business card or some other gift or note when I send off a package. I want to connect with my customer, recognizing that even though we will probably never meet face to face I still think they are important and I want to thank them for their business.  This tends to bring back repeat business and helps for being recommended to others.