DIY Options for the Storage Obsessed

I’m not gonna lie- I love organizing.  When I lived in SoCal it was almost beyond my comprehension, the amount of stores surrounding me that were dedicated strictly to organizing.  Stores like The Container Store and IKEA.  That you could walk into and be in for like three days.  Now I live in a little southern town at the southernmost tip of the state.  Needless to say, my options for organizing stores are Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them both, but they don’t quite stroke my obsession like I was used to.  Instead of trying to force something that isn’t there, though, I turned to something else: DIY storage.  Do you have any idea the awesome storage and organizational tools you can create using cardboard boxes?  It’s pretty stinking fantastic.  Here are just a couple of the ideas that I have used and fallen in love with:

  1. Shoe boxes.

– By the time I am done here, you will never, ever, EVER throw away another shoe box.  A quick trip to your local craft store and you will have a storage system people pay good money for.  Decoupage the outside (which means “glue paper to it”), and then use adorable labeling stickers on the outside to indicate the contents.  Not a bit of this project will wind up looking handmade in any way (for those of you who don’t want your friends to think you are poor).

– Use a spray adhesive to attach gorgeous fabrics to the shoe boxes, mixing up the patterns so that everything coincides but isn’t too matchy-matchy.


  1. Wooden Boxes

-You don’t have to stick with cardboard boxes, though.  You can go crazy decorating wooden boxes, and the plain ones from the craft store are pretty cheap.  High gloss paint and gold embellishments give you a box that could cost upwards of a couple hundred bucks in the retail world.  And why would you do that?  If you don’t want to go through all of the trouble of “finishing” the wooden boxes you can simply embellish them jewelry.  A gorgeous pin or broach over top of the latch takes the look from dollar store to couture as fast as you can heat up your hot glue gun.


  1. Random Ideas

-Use puffy paint on your cardboard boxes to make your effect all-inclusive and 3D.

-You can make boxes from felt, with long, winged sides on the lid, of you can cover jewelry boxes with felt to get the same effect.


-Even if you have boxes laying around that you want to add some life to, give them a coat of spray paint and attach something to the top, like a figurine or glamorous rock.