“Stand Out” Suggestions for Packaging

Whatever happened to the days of simplicity?  Right?  Things used to just be plain Jane and now they are super decorated with all the bells and whistles.  Sometimes I think that I wouldn’t mind going back to a simpler time, but I do really appreciate all of the options for fun and creativity that we have in this current age.

Packaging supplies don’t have to be boring, right?  We don’t have to use plain paper and boxes anymore, do we?  When was the last time you bought something that was boring looking?  I’m not going to lie, I recently chose my new brand of shampoo and conditioner because they were the cutest ones on the shelf.  True story.  And I’m not ashamed of it!  The packaging is what distinguishes the different brands from one another.

If there was only one kind of shampoo it would be find to have a plain bottle sitting on the shelf with block letters reading “shampoo”.  But there are hundreds of kinds of shampoo, and that’s just not going to cut it!  From consumer packaging to distributor packaging, here are some tips how to make our packaging stand out amongst the rest and grab people’s attention:

  • Patterns- packaging can be simply appealing with a simple pattern and invigorating color combination.


  • Utilize- decorate the inside of your box with a pretty floral design, and the outside with a plain color that matches, maybe even a ribbon. This automatically increases the value of your item.


  • KISS- okay, don’t get offended, I’m not calling you stupid, but I am encouraging you to embrace simplicity. Kraft brown is quintessential and matches with anything.


  • Forethought- Imagine the person unwrapping your package. Are the packaging supplies appropriate for what you are selling?  Are you shipping shaving supplies all thrown together in a draw-string bag?
  • Compliment- If possible, allow the customer to see what is inside of the packaging, and then design the packaging to compliment the product.
  • Cute- Choose colors and themes that will interact with what you are selling. They are all sending a message that what is inside is good.
  • Bold- we already mentioned patterns. The bolder the pattern the more aggressive you can be.  A bold pattern on a bag of coffee comes across well, giving the impression of strength and vitality!
  • Different- if you are selling something that is already mass-produced by a ton of other companies, find a different, more appealing way to package your product.


The best way to do this is to try and design packaging supplies that serve a dual purpose (i.e. the honey container made out beeswax that you can turn over and use as a candle when it’s empty).